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Getting Political?

Okay, I honestly had not planned on doing another entry yet, but felt compelled after watching the debate last night. In my opinion, there was no winner. If you care to know what I think about the whole thing, here it goes... I believe that every person that runs for President, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and… Continue reading Getting Political?

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Random Ramblings…

In my quest to...put myself out there, or rather, HOW to put myself out there, I figured I needed to consult someone to help me. I need to rid my mind of the cobwebs and obstacles that seem to leave me paralyzed. I have read countless BLOGS on where to begin writing, I have written… Continue reading Random Ramblings…


Point of Retreat – Butterflying Beautiful

Point of Retreat follows Lake & Will and picks up where Slammed left off. I have to say, I loved Slammed. It was so well-written and just all around perfect. So I was very excited to continue by reading Point of Retreat. Equally as wonderful. In Point of Retreat, it's been a few months since… Continue reading Point of Retreat – Butterflying Beautiful