What can I say, I have read Slammed, and Point of Retreat two times. Actually, I did the digital thing, but LOVED them both so much, I returned my digital copies and purchased the book. This is one to add to my shelf so I can read, and reread this wonderful story! Obviously, I am a HUGE fan, and…in case it wasn’t obvious, this is my absolute favorite book. This may change down the road, but for now, Colleen Hoover is, hands-down, my favorite writer.

Slammed is about 18 year-old Layken (Lake), her mother and brother, who have suffered a recent tragedy with the untimely passing of her father. With no other solution in sight, Lake’s mom uproots the family from their Texas home to Ypsilanti, where she has a friend to help out. Lake is not thrilled, it’s her senior year, and she has to start all over, while still trying to move on from her grief.

When they finally arrive to their destination, Lake is instantly mesmerized by her new neighbor, Will. Not understanding why she is so drawn to him, or more noticeably, him to her, she agrees to a date. It is this date that changes everything. Will introduces her to the world of Slam, poetry performed on-stage, no props, just words. Lake is immediately captivated by both the art, and the beautiful boy who lets her into his world. Lake soon discovers that like her, Will and his brother have suffered more tragedy than anyone should have at such a young age.

Their budding romance is threatened when Lake attends her first day at school, only to discover the boy who captured her heart is, in fact, her teacher, her 21 year-old student teacher, but teacher nonetheless. Realizing the details they failed to discuss on their first date, Lake & Will have put the kibosh on the blossoming relationship to maintain appropriate boundaries.

Despite their resolve to move on, they find themselves constantly pushed together since their little brothers have become best friends. When Lake discovers the truth behind their sudden move to Ypsilanti, anger, denial and every other emotion barrel through her, pushing her even closer to Will.

Slammed is ah-mayzing! Mrs. Hoover does such a wonderful job of writing a real, beautiful and touching story and characters you cannot help but care for. Funny, sweet, intriguing and heartbreaking, Slammed is everything I could ask for in a book, and NOTHING that I expected. I. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book, if I could give it 10 stars, I would. (Read it! You won’t regret it, in fact, go ahead and get Point of Retreat while you’re at it…you’ll see why.)


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