Catching Up…

I have not been as good as I intended when it came to this blog, so I figured what better time than the holidays to get a move on it. (I should seriously be shopping or something…)

I had the most amazing Thanksgiving! My husband and I took our daughters on a cruise to Progresso & Cozumel…BEAUTIFUL! It was the first cruise for the rest of them, but not for me (although honestly, my husband was in the Navy, so he’s kinda done one. Lol)

I had the best sleep ever and just lazed around…that is, when I wasn’t with the girls or in the casino! I even ran into an old friend from high school there…unfortunately we only recognized each other on the last night, but it was still nice to catch up. My girls made new friends, ones they hope to pen-pal, and I had the most awesome “BUTTERFLYING” shock….Colleen Hoover was on my cruise! Talk about surreal!!

I was in the casino on the first night and saw her, but thought no way, that’s NOT her, and went about my business. So my second (or third, I lose track) night, I was playing a game (much like a stupid arcade game where NO ONE wins…ever) and this woman walked over to me to ask me about the point of the game. At this point, I totally had to fan-girl-it! I looked at her…

“I’m gonna be a dork, but is your name Colleen?”

She looks at me a little scared…”Yeessss?”

“Colleen Hoover?”

“Yeesss? How do you know my name?”

ME…all fan-girl….”I’ve read your books!!”

OMG!! It was so awesome…I think I embarrassed, no I KNOW I embarrassed, my husband, but I didn’t care. I asked if my husband could take a pic of me with her and she happily obliged! However, it wasn’t til later that I looked at the pic and it was all blurry! WTBUTTERFLY!?! (Thanks honey!) So, I naturally did what any fan would do, wait. I waited and waited and hoped to see her again to get another chance at a pic. Luckily, on the last night, I saw her and asked to retake a pic and held myself a bit more together. I told her how much I loved her books, how amazingly well they are written and how all of us are eagerly awaiting her newest book “Hopeless.”

So….Thanksgiving RoCkEd!!

My last night on the cruise and I get to chat with Colleen Hoover!

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