Sandy Hooks, Shooting, Thoughts, Tragedy


Everyday, the news shared around the world is riddled with terrible accidents, thefts and murder. However, the news that was revealed yesterday was beyond horrific. I had not listened to the radio, gotten online or even tuned into the television all day. It was not until a friend texted to ask me if I was watching that she shared the news with me… I just felt sick.

When I hear of these mass shootings, I wonder the same thing everyone else does….”why??” It is always so terrible hearing of all the innocent victims, and yesterday was no exception. I am so sad by what happened, all of these families destroyed by a single act of incomprehensible hatred. A monster unleashed his fury, vileness, illness whatever it was, on helpless innocent children. My heart breaks for what these precious little ones went through, the survivors, and those who died. What terror and questions went through their minds? I can’t even begin to imagine.

When my daughters came home, I hugged them a little tighter, knowing that nothing in life is certain. In a matter of minutes, everything can change. They cried and questioned why it happened, with no answers, I just told them the world is full of evil, and unfortunately, evil walked into Sandy Hooks Elementary. My thoughts and prayers are with that community, those whose innocence was lost and those who will never get to hug their precious child or loved one again.


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