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So, yesterday was my bday!

Was I happy about it? NO

Did it happen anyway? Yup!

So, I decided that YESTERDAY, my b-day is my “New Year.” So resolutions be damned…I’m making b-day resolutions. Okay, and those are pretty much the same as my “other” resolutions…so nothing changes.

I got lots of Facebook love, texts from family & friends and some entertaining phone calls. A few things made my day complete:

  1. A story written by my daughter
  2. A song sung to me, and written by my other daughter
  3. Live & Die by the Avett Brothers (It’s my song of the day) on HEAVY rotation in my car & on my computer
  4. An email from Colleen Hoover 🙂


The highlight of my evening ended with a family dinner, where they loudly…embarrassed me by singing Happy Birthday to me.

  • A-I HATE being sung to in public…on my birthday. HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! (but I will totally do it to someone else)
  • B-The restaurant is not a place where they sing to you. – Get it?!

Not only did they sing, but then proceeded to LOUDLY roasted me by making fun of my two vices: Reading & Working out. My husband commenting how he can’t complain about my reading all the time because I will likely kick is ass. I was laughing hysterically the whole time, completely RED-faced! But it was fun, and I loved every minute. Even when he outed me that I am working on writing my own book. (This is something that I have said I wanted to do, but not told that I am actively doing). Well, if that doesn’t light a fire under you, nothing will. Especially when others, not a part of my table, overheard. i.e. the waiter.

So I declare it now, whether anything ever comes of it. I, Tonya, AM writing a book, that may or may not be good, and may or may not ever be read by anyone other than me. 

Well, anyway, that was my 35th. Good times! I may be 35, but I still feel 25, and HOPEFULLY look 30?



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