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Thank You for the Advice…

So there is a quote attributed to Hemingway, “Write drunk; edit sober.” However, I believe this is possibly a summary of another quote of his which was, “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

I’m not certain about this, but nonetheless, I like both quotes. Here’s why…

The few people that are reading this blog know that I am trying to write a book. I have loved the process of doing this, and it’s just fulfilling a lifelong dream of going for it. I’m so happy, that if it never sees the light of day, I will be okay with that.

Okay…back to my point. I have been writing daily and everyday, I love it a little more…that is until I felt like nothing else was coming out of me. I hit a wall; but I wasn’t ready to give up.

So yesterday, my husband asked me to meet him for lunch. Meeting him for lunch is a 45 minute drive…each. way. But this proved to be just what I needed. I had to walk away from my story for a bit – clear my head. This drive was where my ideas sparked to life…while I listened to the radio…LOUDLY. (An aside…I HATE the sound of my own voice) The ideas were flowing like crazy, so I had to pull out my phone and record my ideas, for fear I would forget them. I always think I’ll remember, but never do. But, listening to said ideas, only made more come to life!

Which leads me to last night, and the above mentioned quote. I was sitting here, not knowing where to begin when I started chatting with my girlfriend…lets call her Meme. (Haha). She was having a glass of wine, and it hit me, I needed wine. Okay, so two glasses, but that’s neither here nor there…three. Anyway, it was during a two hour span that I wrote and wrote…and wrote! Suddenly, the damn brick wall I’d hit crashed and everything started working out.

So, Mr. Hemingway…thank you for your words of wisdom. I shall have fun editing, I’m sure, but I love what I accomplished last night. And since it was the suggestion of my lovely Meme….she will be responsible for helping me weed through this to figure out if it is worth putting out for public consumption.


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