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Just writing that word makes me want to sing the Beatles song…

Yesterday was an incredibly strange day!

After months of working on achieving a goal, I did it. My debut book went live on Amazon. (I’m working on getting to smashwords next.) I sent Facebook messages to a few friends to let them know that I had done this. Some knew I was working on a book, others were surprised, but very supportive. Battle #1 – uploading and telling those closest to me (done)

I was a mess all day long. Just worried what people may or may not say or think. But it was my husband that reminded me that I was already successful, and not by conventional standards. Since this was a dream, my just writing the book, not even publishing it, made me successful. My goal was to write. That’s all. Nothing else. So he was right, I succeeded in doing what I set out to do. Those who read the book encouraged me to go a step further and self-publish, which I have obviously done. Telling those who know me…easy-er (Yes, I know that’s not correct)…telling everyone else…so. hard! Battle #2 – telling my entire FB world what I did. (done) I didn’t want to do it, but my mom encouraged me.

Putting myself out there was a NIGHTMARE! Not because I got terrible feedback, in fact the opposite. People were so excited that I accomplished my goal. But the rest of the day I was a mess just waiting and waiting and waiting. I cleaned my house. I napped. I talked to friends on the phone. I hung out with people. Anything to take my mind off everything that transpired throughout the day. Battle #3 – Walking away. (done)

So it’s a new day and I have a little less anxiety. In fact, it’s the 4th of July…so I’m going to celebrate the holiday with my family and have a wonderful time and try not to stress. I hope you have a relaxing day! That’s my plan 😉


P.S. Here is the link for my book, if you or anyone else wants to read it 🙂


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