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The Distance…

FortuneI’m super jittery right now!

This morning, I was with my mom when she and my daughter happen to mention that my book, “Being There” is now on Amazon in PAPERBACK. I was more than a little shocked, because I figured I’d receive some sort of notification from Amazon, but nope, not a word. However, I’m really happy that they were the one who told me. I proceeded to text a few friends, one of which, already knew it was live. WTF!? Was I the last to know???

(I know I wasn’t….)

I then decided to check out Smashwords, and guess what??? It’s now LIVE on Smashwords as well! WOO-HOO! This means that it’s available for just about every other reader out there. (BRB…I might be sick) 😉 Only kidding!

It’s been 2 weeks since I clicked the button to make my first book live, and I think I’m still as nervous today as I was then…actually, I think I’m a little more nervous today. The initial feedback has been really positive from both people I know and love, as well as from some I have never met. I know that some people won’t like the story, my writing style or something else, and that’s okay. I didn’t set out to please the world, I only set out to make my dream come true. And it has. 😉 If other people like it, that’s just icing.


🙂 Cake…”The Distance” is one of my favorite songs of theirs!!


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