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You Give Me Something…

These last three weeks have been crazy, fun and exhausting. I doubt I’ll do 3 blog posts in a week again, but last week, there was so much that kept happening, that I had to post. So my new goal is to post 1/week. (We’ll see how that goes.)

Since last week, my new book, Being There, has gone live on Smashwords, AND gone live on Amazon in paperback! I was so excited about both, but especially the last. I love my book cover, and seeing it up close and personal is so awesome. Since it’s been listed on Smashwords, is has now appeared on other online book stores (Click any of the stores to see it!!): KOBO,  DIESEL,  and of course you can see it on AMAZON for both Kindle & Paperback.

Paperback Cover
Paperback Cover

Okay….now, moving on. If you didn’t see my post from the other day, there is also a giveaway on GOODREADS. You can enter for a chance to win one of 3 paperback copies of Being There. The giveaway ends on August 18, so enter now…good luck!!

The last thing I have for this post is that there are two bloggers who have agreed to read and review Being There. Just because they accepted it doesn’t mean they’ll like it, or post a review, but I am so appreciative that they are taking the time to do this. Both have great blogs and I love the same books they do, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. When and IF they review and post it, I will be sure to link it here for everyone to check out. I’m so nervous about what they might say, but really excited too!

In the coming week(s), Being There should be available on Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Sony Reader, and when it is, I will post it here and on Facebook. FYI…I don’t post constantly on Facebook, but when there is something to share, I will share it there first. So follow me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER to keep up with whatever is happening.

Thank you so so much for reading this…and if you feel like sharing with others, that is awesome. And, if you have read Being There, which many of you have, I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads to let others know what you think about it. I promise…I have thick skin. 😉 You’re awesome and I appreciate you so much!!!

Until next week…

~ ❤ T

😉 Listening to James Morrison (Freakin’ LOVE him!) – You Give Me Something


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