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Hello Sunshine…

Last week I posted a day early, this week, I’m  late. How’s that for balance? 

I’m very excited to reveal that the Being There cover was revamped! The cover has been uploaded to the kindle version, and should be available in the paperback version next week. I love this cover so much, and I hope you like it too! Cass & Drew deserved better 😉

The NEW cover of Being There.
The NEW cover of Being There.

I had several people help me tweak the new look, and I am so appreciative…they were crazy patient with me! The ‘Best Peeps Eva,’ hubs & mom, Kim Stedronsky, R. Jean Wilson, Janis Baker, and Lisa Karafa  gave me such great feedback – THANK YOU!!

Let’s see, what else do I have to share this week??

I have something, but I can’t share yet. But I’m really excited, so I promise I’ll share soon!! (As in THIS WEEKEND!!)

In the meantime, please go check out these LINKS!!!

  • Being There Available on Amazon for $1.99!! (also available at Kobo, B&N, Diesel & iTunes)
  • Reader’s Candy – Love Her!! Whitney is so sweet and supportive of Indie writers 😎
  • Reading My Way to Penned Con – Lisa is on a mission and spotlighting authors… And she’s super awesome!
  • Penned Con 2014 – Check out the list of authors attending! This is going to be a great event!
  • GIVEAWAY – You HAVE to check out this giveaway! V. Murphy celebrating 2k Likes!! (Way to go!!)

I’m still working on my current book, which is tentatively titled, but I’m not revealing it until it’s definite. (We’ll see) I had a writing breakthrough this week and got so much more done. Not to mention a power hour of writing with a buddy to motivate never hurts! 😀 

I suppose this is it for this week. Have a wonderful LONG Labor Day weekend! And if you aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook, click the link to the right. 😉


😮 Hello Sunshine, by The Riverside is playing right now. They have amazing voices. So Happy!!!


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