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There is quite a bit going on this week. (There will be 2 posts and an Author Spotlight) So I’m posting this giveaway today, but I have more to say. So come back tomorrow to read about what’s going on in the month of October!

Click the link below to Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for

T.K.Rapp’s 1700 Likes Giveaway

Thank you so very much to my Facebook friends who got me there! I’m so lucky to have you 😉

Also, a special Thank You to the wonderful Bloggers and Authors who contributed to my giveaway. You are all so amazing and I’m lucky to know you! 😀

Jenn from Back Off My Books, Lisa from Penned Con Here I come, Nickie Seidler, BJ Harvey, Kate Lynne, Vicki Green, J.M. Miller, Brittainy Cherry, Melinda Sutherland, Elizabeth Isaacs, Neeley Bratcher, Nikki Narvaez, M.K. Oien, Kimberly Stedronsky, R. Jean Wilson, Amy Miles, Penny Reid, Jessica Wood, Laura Dunaway & S. Moose

😉 Hook by none other than Blues Traveler. Great song!!!


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