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Mystery of Love…

This Monday, my Blog Tour hosted by Back Off My Books, ended. I am so grateful to Jenn for everything she did to put this together; she was fantastic. If you didn’t stop by last Thursday to the Live event, host by RMWTPC‘s Lisa, you missed out. Let’s just say there was Truth or Dare, pics of Texas, and definitely some TK torture…but there were also giveaways! It was so much fun and I got to chat with some great people. If you were one of them, THANK YOU for stopping by. 🙂

Since the tour ended, I have been BETA-reading a few books (awesome books that I can’t wait to come out) and have been staring a the flashing cursor on my screen.

Yup…just staring. I have drafted, outlined, rewritten, scratched out, made notes and still nothing. I have been stuck and it’s been killing me. How am I ever going to publish the book, if I can’t even finish it. As I told my CPs, I am having brain to computer issues. I see it playing out, but I can’t write it out. Make sense?

Mine to Lose ~ Notes
Mine to Lose ~ Notes

That problem was solved yesterday when I cleared my desk, put a song on repeat, got out my notecards and went for it. Not sure what was different between this time and ALL the other times I have tried to work it out, but this time, it clicked. I wrote note after note for two hours and when I was done, I had the entire thing complete! Working through the issues that were blocking me lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and motivated me to get moving. I was attached to my desk chair for hours, only stopping to eat and say goodnight to the kiddos. By the time I called it a night and shut down last, I had over 2k new words written, another chapter complete and a huge smile on my face.

So, that being said, my focus is on finishing Mine to Lose and I hope that when it’s done, you will love it. I couldn’t stop smiling last night, because I fell in love with Ryan, Emogen’s boyfriend, all over again. I’m so happy, in fact, that I’ve posted a small teaser below:

Mine to Lose ~ Teaser 1
Mine to Lose ~ Teaser 1

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully the teaser did just that….and maybe you’ll check back next week to see what other little snippets I’ll share. I promise, there WILL be another teaser. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear from Trey….he’s kinda great, too.

Don’t forget, during the month of October, 10% of sales from Being There will be donated to The Rose in Houston, Texas, in support of Breast Cancer awareness month!! Click HERE to buy your copy and help a great cause!

One final note: be sure to check back tomorrow or Friday, because one of my FAVORITE authors will be my featured spotlight. Want to know who it is? Check back 😉


😎 Mystery of Love” by David Gray – Just listen to it. 


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