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Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…

Perhaps, my WIP for NaNoWriMo will be everything I am hoping it will be:

  • I’ve had a story playing in my head for months, but it’s been pushed to the back while I work on Mine to Lose. MTL has been my focus, and I fall more in love with this story all the time, but this other story is calling to me, and NaNoWriMo seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what I can do with it. Whether or not it’s finished by the end of the month isn’t the important part to me…nope, that would be in the telling of the story. (It’s not a love story. It’s sad and hopeful…I’ll share more when there is more to tell)

Perhaps, Mine to Lose will be finished by the end of November:

  • This book is all up in my head…non-stop, in my dream and daydreams! If only there were a way to get those thoughts out of my head while I’m driving, or cleaning. This movie plays in my head as I write, and I love it. So. Much. The funny thing, I see certain things happening, and then when I am writing the scene, it changes, and my jaw drops. Things are happening that I never intended, but I still love it. If you saw the teaser from yesterday, then you see some of it. So, I have some work to do, and I am hoping it will be ready to edits by the end of the month. (This becomes more of a reality everyday.)

Perhaps, I will get some reading done: 

  • O.M.G. – where do I start???? I have, in my possession, several WIPs/ARCs that I am DYING to read. DYING!! My list is long and beautiful, and I have been able to read some, and I can’t wait for these authors to put their work out there, because they are amazing! 

If you were one of the winners from the Blog Tour last week, keep an eye out for your goodies. I mailed them out today, so you should be getting something very soon!! I had so much fun with that tour and hope you did, too.

I can’t believe I almost forgot!!!! Yesterday, my Facebook page reached 2000 Likes! I’m shocked and thankful to everyone who sticks around!! 😉 And, if you have followed my page, then you know that when it hits 2000 Likes, I will be posting scene from Drew’s POV. Here’s your chance to select the scene! (Be sure to share and post! The winning scene will be chosen Friday!!!!!)

AND, just in case you missed my Mine to Lose dream cast yesterday…

Mine to Lose Dream Cast
Mine to Lose Dream Cast

🙂 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Cake. Awesome take on a classic!!


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