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With A Little Help From My Friends…

Writing has been a terrifying and exciting experience. Fulfilling a lifelong dream is amazing, and scratching a line through that bucket list item is pretty damn cool.

But, as the title of this post suggests, I couldn’t do it without my friends. Hell, I couldn’t do the day-to-day without my friends or family. I think we all have at least one person we can lean on, who will be there for us and kick our butts in gear when we need it. There are people I know well, who do that for me, and there are those I’ve met since publishing who have become fast confidantes for me.

Here is what I know about the writing community:

  • Authors – These are some of the most amazing and supportive people you can meet. Yes, like any place, there might be a bad seed here and there, but for the most part, these people are encouraging and share your highs and lows. They make me feel normal, or as normal as I care to feel 😉 There are so many amazing books that come out daily. I can’t keep up, and my TBR list continues to grow. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I feel out of my league, and am in constant awe of the people I’m “friends” with, because I’m a huge fan! Some of the most well-known authors are the most down-to-earth people out there. 
  • Bloggers – OH MY DAMN! What can I say about the bloggers I have become friends with? I’ll throw some adjectives out there: CRAZY, FUNNY, AMAZING, EXCITING, GIVING, KIND, SELFLESS, FRIEND. And those are what come to mind off the top of my head. They pimp, promote and do anything and everything for the writers they love. I have so much love for these ladies, because they are simple: AWESOME.
  • Fans – That word makes me feel weird. I don’t have “fans” I have friends. I’m still a relative unknown, and I’m totally cool with that. When someone messages, reviews or emails me to tell me that they enjoyed my book, I can’t help but feel two things: Blessed and Embarrassed. Blessed, because I know they didn’t have to take the time to contact me, and I appreciate the encouragement so much. Embarrassed, because I’m me, and compliments catch me off guard. I love the readers that have reached out to me, because they are passionate about the things that they love.

It should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: Be Kind. Be thankful for what you have, and for those in your life who are there for you. You never know when things may change, and you don’t want to take that for granted. We all know there are two types of family, the one your born into, and the one you make. I have to admit, I’m grateful for them in all forms. 

So here is a thank you:
-Thank you to the authors who have become my friends and share the same fears and joys I do. I’m thankful for the BadAsses in my life!
-Thank you to the bloggers who do so much, and ask for so little in return. Yes, you. I’m looking right at you, because you are amazing!
-Thank you to the fan/friends who make me smile and laugh, daily. (And blush a little, too)
-Thank you to my “IRL” friends who know me, in and out, and still love me. Thank you for accepting me as I am. I love you, too! (You know who you are.) I hope I’m as good to you as you are to me. 😉
-Thank you to my family, the Tenacious 10, who are my safe place; my normal. We have each other’s back and provide the best shoulders. I would be lost without you because it’s what we do, take care of each other. I love you with all my heart! 🙂


😎 With A Little Help From My Friends.The Beatles, of course! This is actually a ringtone on my phone for my friends. LoL!


1 thought on “With A Little Help From My Friends…”

  1. TK, what a wonderful post. I feel the same way about the authors, bloggers and friends I have made in this amazcrazy literary world. Luv ya!

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