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Tuesday Teaser – Mine to Lose #3

Mine to Lose

Mine to Lose story and teasers Copyright 2013. T.K. Rapp. All Rights Reserved.

He starts to loosen his grip on my hands, but I hold firm to his, wanting him to talk to me. “We’re friends, right, Trey?”

Shaking his head, a sardonic smile on his handsome face, he finally answers, “Yeah. We’re friends, but it’s felt like more. Shit, I wish it didn’t, because I know you don’t feel the same.” 

I free one of my hands from his grasp and reached out to his face and he eyes me skeptically, “Trey, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel something. But-”

The Park
MTL – The Park

Before I can finish my sentence, he cups my face in his hands and plants the softest, sweetest kiss to my lips. Butterflies that went away some time ago, reappear, causing my pulse to accelerate. He stops kissing me and rests his forehead to mine, and my eyes remain closed. It was a beautiful, perfect kiss, and one that I have imagined before. Hell, it was even better than the way he kissed me in my dreams all those nights.

Emogen and Ryan? Emogen and Trey? WTH?! Do you have a favorite yet? I have no idea who I’m rooting for right now, but I can tell you this, I LOVE both of these guys. Well, check back next Tuesday for another Mine to Lose teaser. 🙂


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