Tuesday Teaser – Mine to Lose #4

Mine to Lose

Mine to Lose story and teasers Copyright 2013. T.K. Rapp. All Rights Reserved.

This is the question I haven’t wanted to answer to anyone, even myself. Do I have feelings for Trey?

“Do I find him attractive? Yes. Do I enjoy working with him? Yeah, he makes me laugh. But do I have feelings for him? No.”

The moment the words come out, I know it’s a lie. Of course I have feelings for him, otherwise I wouldn’t have been the slightest bit jealous that he had a date with him the other night and I wouldn’t be trying to figure things out. My heart rate wouldn’t sound in my ears when he compliments me.

***Sooooo, a few people have read Mine to Lose, and a few of them have a team…but I won’t say who they’re in love with. You’d have to ask them. I STILL love both guys.

P.S. Tomorrow, some news and stuff like that. So check back, if you’re interested 😀


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