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1 Year…

20130806-232125.jpg1 year ago today, I sat down and started drafting a story. I went old-school and pulled out a pen and paper and starting to plot out what would become, Being There. The main character’s names changed, the plot shifted and it took many twists and turns before it became what it is.

When I decided to do it, I had no real expectations in mind. The only thing I knew was that I was having so much fun writing Cass’ story and that’s all that mattered. I’ve said it many times, I had no plans to self-publish, but I did want to know if it was good enough. That’s where my friend Naomi came in. She’s incredibly blunt and honest, so when I sent the story to her, I knew that’s what I would get. My critique partners and betas know I LOVE constructive criticism…I need it. That’s what Naomi gave me. She told me things that I needed to fix, and things she felt I needed to scratch. Funny thing…she was right.

Back to the drawing board…

My printed manuscript and the bottle of wine my friend Kim brought me. Super Sweet!!
My printed manuscript and the bottle of wine my friend Kim brought me when I finished.

The second draft was hard for me to proceed with, because I loved the story as it was, even though I knew it needed adjustments. Once I got into it, it started clicking and I couldn’t stop writing. My house became messy, we ate whatever I was able to throw together last minute and I got no sleep. When i finished the book, I sent it to a few others that I trusted, so I could get their feedback. The best was from my friend David who sent me 5 pages of notes, edits and storyline suggestions that made it all come together. When I compiled all of these changes, I had a book that was staring me in the face with no where to go.

I sat on it…

My husband, having read none of the book, pushed me to publish. But I wasn’t ready. I was too scared and insecure. The idea of publishing terrified me to no end, but at the same time, the book was complete…why stop now? For a month, my finger hovered over the “publish” button, but I always found an excuse NOT to do it. Laundry, school, kids, practices, TV, other books. You name it, I probably used it as an excuse. But it was Molly McAdams who gave me the final push. She knew I was writing and was so supportive. I asked her how do you do it? I was so scared that I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. Her words to me: “Jump.”

When I finally did exactly that, I messaged her and I got the BEST response. One that I took a screen shot of and made my wallpaper for a couple of months. LOL! 

The NEW cover of Being There.
Being There ~ 2nd Cover

Because 1 year ago, I pushed myself to start something that I’ve wanted to do for so long, an entire new world has been opened to me. One where ANYTHING is possible, dreams come true, love always wins, best friends never leave, men are perfect, and imperfect women win them. That world, that I get to create, makes me smile. This writing-gig is pretty awesome. I have met some great people, and some I will get to meet others soon. I hope this roller coaster…this exciting, scary, twisty, angsty, painful, amazing…roller coaster never ends. I hope I ride it until I’m old and grey and there are no more stories for me to tell. 

Thank you for reading about my writing anniversary. 😉 I’ve got to get back to writing….someone won’t stop nagging me with what he’s going to do next. 😛

You are the best!! 



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