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On February 22, at the Harmony Science Academy of West Houston, Wines & Labels Productions will be hosting the Houston Author Bash! There will be over 70 authors from all over he country, signing at this event and I will be one of them. I’m beyond excited, albeit scared, to participate, but really excited about the people who are also attending!

Since I usually have a weekly spot where I feature an author and promote a book and get to know them better, I decided to do it a little differently this week. I sent several of the awesome ladies I’m looking forward to meeting this weekend, a list of questions to answer about HAB and their pending visit to Houston (for those who are not from here).

So here it goes:
Author Spotlight: HAB Edition THANK YOU to:
Penny Reid = PR
RS Grey = RS
Stacy Borel = SB
Danielle Jamie = DJ
Vicki Green = VG
for taking the time to answer my odd questions.
(Click on any of the names above to visit their site!)

1. The Houston Author Bash is this weekend (duh!) Will this be your first signing, or have you done others before?
PR – Houston will take my signing V-card. I can’t decide if I want it gentle or rough… probably rough. (TMI?)
RS – This will be my first signing and I can’t believe I actually signed up to do it! The plan is to start the day off with mimosas so that the whole experience is much easier to handle! 😉
SB – No, this isn’t my first signing. I had done one in Arkansas in October, which was a lot of fun. But this is my first one for the 2014 year.
DJ – This is my first signing and I am filled with a million emotions!! I can’t wait to experience my first signing in the town from my Savannah Series and I’m going to spend one evening in Galveston to take pics at places from my books which is super exciting!
VG – This will be my second. I attended my first one in Springdale, Arkansas October 26, 2013.

2. Are you a local author or will you be flying in (from what state)?
PR – I’m flying in from Florida (so there better be snow!!!!)
RS – I’m sort-of local J I grew up in Houston, but now I live in Austin. I’ll be driving in and staying with family for the weekend!
SB – I am a local author. I live in Southeast Texas near Beaumont.
DJ – I’m from NY so flying in 🙂

VG – No, I will be driving from Olathe, Kansas which is about a 12 hour drive for me but I have a friend coming with me. ROAD TRIP!

3. What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
PR – Meeting actual strangers who have read my books. This whole “author thing” still feels like some sort of cosmic joke. Maybe once I meet the people who have read my books, it will start to feel real.
RS – Meeting so many authors that I’ve grown to love over the internet! The first few moments will super awkward I’m sure— It’s hard pairing people with their profile pictures! It’s like we’ve all been paired on eHarmony and how we’re meeting for the first time. (I hope they like me! 😉 )
SB – Honestly, the fans/readers. The very first item I signed in Arkansas was a book a reader had made that had my book covers in them. I completely lost it and started weeping at my table while I wrote my name. Haha. I would have been worried that I scared her off, but turns out she’s my new editor. Lol As far as other events and happenings for the signing, meeting my fellow authors and learning new things from their experiences is always something I look forward too. And of course fangirling some of the authors.
DJ – Meeting my readers in person! & Experiencing the town I fell in love with while writing the Savannah books.

VG – Really I’m looking forward to meeting all the other Authors as well as the readers. Can’t wait!

4. What are you most nervous about?
PR – Meeting actual strangers who have read my books.
RS – Behind His Lens! If only I could bring Jude with me…
SB – I think there’s always going to be an underlying fear that nobody will approach my table. What if I go, and nobody knows who I am or hasn’t read my books?
DJ – The signing! I am nervous and excited.
VG – Tripping or falling over something in front of everyone. Lol No, actually there’s always a little bit of nervousness being in front of a ton of people but the excitement helps to overcome it.

5.Which books will you have with you for the signing?
PR – Neanderthal Seeks Human; Friends Without Benefits; Love Hacked
RS – Inevitable defeat. HAH! Luckily I’m sharing a table with you, aka T.K. Rapp, and we’ll both be diving in head first together.
SB – I will have all three of my novels, Ever Enough, Always Enough, and Touching Scars.
DJ – 4 Savannah Novels we have in paperback for the signing along with some really awesome swag!

VG – I will have all 4 of my books with me, swag items, and will be doing a raffle for a chance to win breakfast with myself and my cover model, who will be sitting next to me by the way.

6. What books are you most excited to share with fans this weekend? Why?
PR –  Love Hacked!! It comes out March 11. Therefore, I’m excited to give attending readers a sneak peek. 
RS – Behind His Lens is my answer by default, hah, but I’m still excited to share it with everyone!
SB – Honestly, I don’t know. All three of my books are special to me. Ever Enough is a personal novel, and it was my first. But Touching Scars was truly my baby. This is a tough question.
DJ – The Savannah Series, one reason being it’s based in Houston and the other being that I have so many amazing fans who love my series I can’t wait to meet them in person to sign their books.

VG – My newest release, Soul-Mates Forever. Why? Because it has sold better than all my books, has hit the bestselling in the Contemporary Romance and Erotica categories and because my cover model, Rob Anthony, will be with me to sign them as well. 

7. Are there any authors you looking forward to meeting this weekend? Who?
PR – TK Rapp and RS Grey J Because we’ve become Facebook friendly and they seem like my brand of normal. Of note, I’m also excited to meet other authors in general. I don’t know (personally) any other authors. 
RS – I can’t wait to meet Penelope Reid, Vicki Green, and Stacy Borel!! Also I’ve recently read a few books by Maya Banks so, of course, I’ll fangirl over her!
SB – Absolutely! The biggest one being, Maya Banks. I’ve been reading her novels for some time now, and I very much look up to her as a writer. As far as other authors go, I’ve made several friends in the Indie community, so I am excited to see again/meet my “colleagues”.
DJ – A TON! To name a few Hilary Storm, Vicki Green my table partner! And to meet Erin Noelle again I met her in Vegas but can’t wait to meet her as a fellow author instead of as a fan ha.

VG – I’m excited to meet all of them but Stacy Borel, TK Rapp, RS Grey, Maya Banks stick out but then to see my friend from the Arkansas signing, Julie Bailes is an added bonus and Danielle Jamie is my table partner so I’m very excited to meet her in person.

8. Do you plan on doing anything special while you’re in Houston?
PR – I’m arranging a dinner with a bunch of readers who have given me a heads up about attending (Saturday night). That feels pretty special. Also, I might sleep (that is also special). 
RS – Hanging out with as many fellow authors as I can! I’ll be staying with family, so some time will be devoted to them— but I’m planning on taking full advantage of having some of my favorite authors all together!
SB – If by special you mean, enjoy my time without my kids, then yes! Haha! I’m bringing my husband with me so he can see my writing world, and just how nuts it can be, but we live a little too close to Houston to really consider it an excursion, so there isn’t much in the way of plans.
DJ – I’m going to Crave Cupcakes which I wrote in my novels to take pics and get cupcakes to bring to my signing for fans! & I’m really excited to go to Galveston it’s been a dream of mine to go there and now I get to! I’m going to take pics at all Savannah and Kayden’s favorite places!

VG – Well, I won’t have a ton of time but I found the nearest Starbucks, good and drink places so I’m set but I’m game for just about anything.

9. Any “warning” for your fans? 🙂
PR – Hmm… I’m perpetually distracted and often think/say the same thing as the same time. It’s a problem.
RS – I’m not sure if I’m established enough as an author to have fans. At this point, I feel like every reader who ends up liking my book, and contacting me, turns into a friend! So they don’t need a warning! They know how loud I am already 🙂 !!
SB – Ummm…I’m a hugger. I seriously get just as excited to see you, as you do me, except I probably am a little bit more than you.
DJ – Throw your diets out the window b/c I have cupcakes! Haa

VG – The only *warning* I can give is to watch out for my cover model, Rob Anthony. He’s gonna blow your socks off with his charm and sexiness.

10. Lightning Round!!! (Twitter-sized answer):
* Favorite Book:
PR – Persuasion, by Jane Austen
RS – The Fault in Our Stars
SB – Crow’s Row
DJ – Bared to You
VG – This Man Series

* Favorite Author:
PR – David Sedaris 
RS – Mindy Kaling
SB – S.E. Hall
DJ – Samantha Towle
VG – Jodi Ellen Malpas

* Ultimate Book Boyfriend:
PR – … hm. Captain Wentworth?
RS – Christian Grey (Sorry, I just can’t get over all the Jamie Dornan photos!)
SB – Jesse Ward & Archer Hale
DJ – Kayden Knox 🙂
VG – Jesse – This Man

* Boxers or Briefs:
PR – Commando
RS – Boxers!
SB – Briefs
DJ – Briefs
VG – Briefs

* Wine, Beer, Cocktail, Virgin:
PR – Wine
RS – I don’t drink alcohol much, can I swap for dessert? 🙂
SB – Beer
DJ – Virgin. I hate the taste of alcohol haa
VG – Beer

* Where’s Waldo:
PR – In jail
RS – Que? lol
SB – Still haven’t found him
DJ – Hiding in Houston? Haa
VG – Ummmmm

* What is your favorite word:
PR – Babaganoush
RS – Wow. You’re trying to make me think here. Can my favorite word be “haha”? Does that even count? Well. That’s what I’m picking so it’ll have to work!
SB – Fuck
VG – Awesomeness

* Hidden Talent:
PR – I knit
RS – I’m pretty sure if I attempted to, I could still do a backflip. Maybe.
SB – I can sound like a goat & pig
DJ – I make a kick ass bow!
VG – I play the piano 🙂

* Books or Movies:
PR – Bitch, please
SB – Books, always books
DJ – Both. I love to read a great book, but I love to watch a great movie too.
VG – Books

* Is Kermit right? Is it not easy being green:
PR – I was once painted green; I was the wicked witch in a production of The Wizard of Oz. It wasn’t easy because you couldn’t scratch your nose (or any other part of your face).
RS – You are so ridiculous and I can’t wait to sit by you for 9 hours.
SB – Kermit is right
DJ – I suppose? But I’m not green so who knows? haa
VG – Sure

* Ninjas or Pirates:
RS – Pirates
SB – lol Pirates
DJ – Pirates! Especially if they look like Jonny Depp haa
VG – Pirates

* If You Could Change Your Name, What Would it Be:
PR – Penny Reid
RS – I love the name Emma or Kate.
SB – Ava Ward (Jesse Ward’s wige muahaha)
DJ – IDK I like Danielle but I guess Gabrielle? My Confirmation name haaa
VG – Jade


PRPenny Reid:
Wicked Book Weekend, Ft. Lauderdale, 3/7/2014
Authors in the City, NYC, 3/15/2014
Authors Under the Lights, LA, 3/22/2014
Georgia Author Signing, Atlanta, 4/5/3014
Cleveland Author Signing, Cleveland OH, 4/26/2014
The Great Author Escape, LA, August 2014
Penned Con, St. Louis MO, September 2014
* * *

RSR.S. Grey:
Indie Mashup, Houston, Texas, August 15-16, 2014

* * *

SB Stacy Borel:
North Carolina
and I think I’m  missing one or two more.

* * *

DJDanielle Jamie:
NYC March 15th
Knoxville July 12th 

Houston again Aug 15-16th 
Alabama Sept 27th!

* * *

VGVicki Green:
Indie Mashup, Springdale, Arkansas, July 24-26, 2014
Indie Mashup, Houston, Texas, August 15-16, 2014
Red Dirt BoCo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 30, 2014
Penned Con 2014, St. Louis, MO, September 12-13, 2014

* * *

Thank you again, Ladies, for answering my questions and I can’t wait to see you this weekend!! Y’all are all so fabulous!! 😀



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