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So this past Saturday, I attended the Houston Author Bash, hosted by Wines & Labels Productions. This was my first signing and I met some wonderful people! I’m still exhausted from the whole thing…but in the best way possible.

RS & Me

I was table buddies with RS Grey, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. She’s so stinkin’ cute and about the nicestest person one could meet. And her boyfriend, Lance is a genuinely nice and funny guy. These two together…magic! (LOL, cheesy, I know!) RS and I are not only FB buddies, but we sprint and text and vent; I love this girl!

Icing on the cake? This weekend, I got to meet Penny Reid. Have you read her books?? AMAZING!! Have you met her in person?? AMAZING-ER!! I was terribly nervous to meet her, especially after having read an ARC of Love Hacked. This book was intelligent, witty, sexy and just plain awesome. So…what if my newest hero didn’t match up to her work???

Penny Reid, RS & Me
Penny Reid, RS & Me

Crisis averted, because…duh, said it above – AMAZING-ER! She had a crowd around her that was mesmerized and entertained by her stories, love of knitting and whatever else she wanted to talk about.

The other person I was dying to meet was Erin of Southern Belle Book Blog. Let me tell you a little story:

Back in October, I went to the Austin Author Event with RS, where we eagerly awaited meeting Colleen Hoover and Molly McAdams, among others. While I was waiting for RS, I was standing in line behind a girl with a HUGE….H-U-G-E bag of books. She was with a man, who I assumed was her husband, and they moved aside to sort her books. I left the gap open so she could resume her place because, well, anyone with that many books deserves her spot! 🙂 She ended up meeting up with some friends and joined them in line and that was the end of it. Or so I thought….

RS, Erin & Me
RS, Erin & Me

Cut to about a week or two later, I get a message on my FB author account from someone that went something like this:
ERIN: “…..If I ask you this crazy question, will you promise not to think I’m like a stalker? Lol So I had seen somewhere (who knows where) that a few authors would be at the Austin signing as fans…..” “Were you near the end of the line around…say 11:45ish? Next to a girl with a large VS pink tote?”

ME: “LOL! That’s hilarious!! I was there….and that sounds like the girl I was in line behind. Was that you???”

And the rest is history! Erin is one of my dear, lovely friends who texts or messages me daily, and I love it! So, we FINALLY got to meet IRL, and hug and be silly and laugh hysterically for, well…..a ton of hours!

Erin, RS, Penny and I, along with Lance, my mom and Angie (Penny’s assistant) went to dinner with some of Penny’s fabulous fans after the event was over and we had so much fun. The entire experience was surreal and overwhelming, but I’m so glad I was with all of these people to experience it firsthand. I loved meeting new people like, Stacy Borel, Vicki Green, Nikki Narvaez, Danielle Jamie & Erin Noelle, and chatting with bloggers and readers. Here are a few more pics from the day.

Have a great Hump Day!!
😎 Happy….You know the one. Pharrell!

Our Table Setup!

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