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Good To You…


This week, I have made it a point to write. Shouldn’t that be my point/objective every week? Why, yes. Yes it should. BUT, it hasn’t. Which is why I took a FB hiatus. My 2 day Facebook hiatus was set so that I was not available for chat or otherwise posting…okay, I did the occasional check-in.

My mission: Make some progress on Mine to Steal.

Outcome: Success!! I have been able to write so much, and the ideas are flowing.

I love social media, it’s definitely been my friend as I maneuver through the writing world, but it can also get distracting. There is ALWAYS something going on. Whether it’s some new meme, a fellow author who has a new cover to share, or just wasting time scrolling, I find myself in front of Facebook to the point of driving myself crazy. Seriously, the end of the day comes and I can’t help but ask myself, “What did I get done today?” Usually the answer is pretty frustrating.

I may make this a weekly practice, to limit my Facebook time to three days a week, and hopefully I will end up with the same results….an increase in word count!


When I wrote Being There, I had an array of songs playing depending on what I was writing. It worked. With Mine to Lose… not so much. Songs were a distraction, and silence was my friend. I was able to write and get thoughts out of my head without interruption…until the silence was too…well, silent. Feeling blocked and annoyed I went to my tried and true….MUSIC. If you’ve seen my playlist on Spotify, or the book trailer for Mine to Lose, you know that A Great Big World, “Say Something,” is a big part of that. BUT, what you might not realize is that the one song that spoke to me like no other, for over 1/2 of the book was “Good To You,” by The Avett Brothers. This song makes me want to cry, gives me hope and makes me sing…poorly. During the course of writing MtL, it played over 461 times. Yep, you read that right, and I love it just as much. Aside from the connection I’ve made between it and MTL, there is the obvious message of this song, which can be applied to any relationship.

Now, as I continue writing Mine to Steal, music has become my inspiration – my friend – once again. I love it. I have a playlist that I add to, whenever the mood strikes. (I’ll share soon) 😉 

In the meantime, thanks for reading, liking, sharing, posting and whatever else it is you can do out there. I hope that if you read Mine to Lose, you loved it and reviewed it (indie authors rely on that 😉 ) and that you are looking as forward to reading Mine to Steal and I am to write it. 


😎 Good to You, by The Avett Brothers from Magpie & the Dandelion 


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