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Hey! Baby…

Happy Wednesday!! HUMP – DAAAAAYYYYY!!

Yesterday was a busy day because I had some things to take care…the biggest being that I needed to re-reveal my new book cover.


Yeah, as it turns out, I started seeing more books with the same couple, and same pose on their book. Who can blame them, they make a GORGEOUS cover!! I really loved my version of the cover, but I felt it best to revamp and reveal a NEW cover. Of course I was disappointed because…I LOVED IT, and it was already out there. But since Mine to Steal doesn’t release for another month, I decided that I have time to get a new cover.

(Give me a sec….)

That didn’t take long. 😛

Thanks to some advice from my girl Amy Queau (who is freakin’ awesome!) I have a new cover that – I can’t believe I’m going to say this and totally mean it:


Introducing the Mine To Steal Book Cover 2.0

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00002]

Mine to Steal

What are your thoughts on seeing the same couple appear on numerous book covers? Did I make the right decision in revamping the above title??

OH YEAH!!! I said it was a busy day! I heard back from two of my betas (amazing women that I appreciate so much) and based on their feedback, I’ve been working on some rewrites that are adding so much to the story. I can’t wait to finish these up and send it to a couple of more people before it goes to the editor. I better get back to it…another busy day ahead! 

As always, thanks for stopping by! ❤ 


😎 Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel. It’s my jam today! 


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