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Pocketful of Sunshine…

I believe I have posted this just about everywhere else, except my blog. I guess it’s time then…

As you know, I completed Mine to Steal  a few weeks back. I sent it to some Beta readers who gave me some awesome feedback. (Yes, I realize I overuse the word awesome, but in this case, the adjective is quite fitting.) Using the suggestions they gave me, I tweaked the manuscript and sent it back out to a few others to read, and they loved it! But you know who didn’t love it?


I love my characters…all except one. Each of them have different characteristics that I love: funny, charming, strong, obnoxious, caring, smart, quirky and one is inappropriate. But something about this story wasn’t clicking for me. 

My husband read my first book, and let me state here: HE IS NOT A READER! But he loved the first book, Being There. I think he loved it in the way that he has to, because I’m his wife. 😉 He was really busy and never read the second book, which didn’t bother me in the least. Honestly, I was so impressed he read ONE. LOL. Well, cut to my working on Mine to Steal. I’ve never written what I call, “Dude” before and when he found out, he insisted on reading, much to my excitement and dismay. (Really…mixed feelings!!) After talking over the premise and then his reading the first 10 chapters, things started to click and he gave me some great suggestions and helped correct things that weren’t clicking at all. Now, I know what I need to do.

This was a VERY long-winded explanation of justifying the reason I have decided to postpone publishing Mine to Steal for a couple of weeks. My editor has been understanding and encouraging and I plan on getting the completed, revised and best version of the MS to her in the next week or two. 

Currently, I’m pushing to release on June 12. If that changes, I’ll definitely post. But be looking out for more teasers and giveaways that are coming soon!!

😎 Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. Clicked random and this came on and made me super happy!


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