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Been There ~ A Short Story by TK Rapp exclusively for PFMTBB fans and followers (Penny Lisa)

Lisa from Penny for My Thoughts Book Blog got an exclusive story!

You can only see it there!! 😉

Penny For My Thoughts Book Blog

In my short time as a blogger, I have made many meaningful relationships with authors.  One of my first, however, was with TK Rapp.  She is an amazing lovely person who also happens to be a wonderful writer.  Her first book, Being There, is the story of Cass and Drew.  Even though I read it almost a year ago, it is a story that has stayed with me and whose praises I cannot sing about loud enough.  So I am ever so pleased to share this lovely story that TK has written just for us!

being there cover

But before we get started, let’s get you acquainted with Cass and Drew.

Synopsis 3

When Cass Howard was young, she never dreamed she would have the perfect job, living in New York, with an amazing man by her side. 

That’s a good thing…because none of that ever happened. 

Drew Alexander was the one person who knew…

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