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Play That Funky Music…

Yeah, that’s about right!

I hit publish on Mine to Steal and when I put my music on random, “Play That Funky Music” popped up. Definitely feeling that right now.

With that out of the way, I have had a very busy few days. I went to the Hill Country with my family, ❤ the T-10 and we spent 5 days on the water, hanging out and sleeping (me). We got together for my dad’s 60th birthday and it was great! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!)

The kids had so much fun, but how could you not?!

The highlight came yesterday (my dad’s bday) when my husband, our girls and I went zip lining in Wimberley. OMG…absolutely AMAZING. I don’t think I can come up with a better word for it. This has been on my bucket list for a while and I really thought I’d chicken out, but I didn’t. Out of our 4-some, I went first and as soon as I took off, I was awestruck. I rented a GoPro, for the day so we had record of everything! My girls, 10 & 12 did all 10 lines, the longest going 900 ft. Needless to say, they are dying to do it again and maybe get “Chocolate Wasted!!”

The birthday celebration ended with a friendly family Bocci tournament. Finals came down to my brother-in-law and me, but he kinda kicked my ass. That’s probably for the best because I’m an “okay” loser, but I am a TERRIBLE winner. Just ask my husband.

In the words of Peese, “I’m ready to go, but I don’t wanna leave.” This is probably my favorite T-10 vacation ever.

Returning home, I spent the rest of the day, working on last minute fixes to Mine to Steal formatting. But it’s done and now I am off to bed to sleep the nerves away. (Hopefully). This is the reason why this post is somewhat choppy. 😀


Mine to StealIf you are looking for something to read, check out my latest book, Mine to Steal. It is the second book in the Mine to Love series, but NOTE it is written as a standalone, so read both or one…preferably both. LOL! It’s a light, fun, love story with very little drama and no cliffhanger. LOL.

Thanks for checking out this blog post and hope to see your review on GR or Amazon, or B&N or iTunes or wherever you read it. We Indies rely on your reviews. 😉 HAPPY THURSDAY!!!




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