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Author Spotlight ~ Kristen Hope Mazzola

It’s been a nice vacation and I’m really excited to jump back into the blog. Today is another fabulous author spotlight with a super wonderful chick! Kristen Hope Mazzola has two books out and another on the way. I’m so excited to see her latest cover, for The Hysterics, which will be revealed soon. But, while we’re waiting to check it out, let’s get the spotlight started!

Synopsis of Falling Back Together:

18310780“I don’t know if it’s fate, coincidence, or my curse, but I’m still breathing, and my breaths are for you.”

Mags McManus is far from a normal woman in her mid twenties. Being a war widow, a business professional, and a brokenhearted train wreck only skims the surface of the layers of who Margret McManus truly is. Waking up in a hospital bed, alone and confused, Mags once again has to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. With her best friends by her side, Mags slowly starts to learn the answers she so desperately longs for. But is everything going to continue to spiral out of control? Or is there a light at the end of this dark, twisting tunnel where all the broken pieces can finally fall back together?

Note from the author: Second book in the two part Crashing Series. Crashing Back Down should be read before Falling Back Together to avoid spoilers. A portion of all royalties from Falling Back Together are donated by the author to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

**18+ for sexual situations, cursing, and adult content.***

Let’s get to know…

Kristen Hope Mazzola
Kristen Hope Mazzola

T – Hi Kristen! Thank you so much for taking time out of writing, blogging and awesomeness to answer some questions!! For those who aren’t familiar with you – please introduce yourself and tell us something that not many people know about you.

K – Hi! I am super excited to do this, for one! I am a few weeks away from turning 26 and live in South Florida. I am a pretty busy person, working full time and trying to be the best writer I can be! When I am not in the book world, I love to fish and be on my boyfriend’s boat in The Keys. Not too many people know this about me, but I am severely dyslexic and I have to say, thank goodness for spell check or I would never have been able to be an author!

T – Your series, Crashing, focuses on a war widow, Mags McManus. What inspired you to write this story?

K – This question is always so hard for me to answer. Honestly, I don’t know. Mags came to me one day. I had just finished reading Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster and was in a low point in my life, so I started writing short stories while I was at work to brighten my day up. Bam, one day Crashing Back Down went from a few shorts that were entertaining me while I was bored into a passion that I had to see to the finish line.

T – You have some really lovely reviews of your books. What is the nicest thing a reader has said to you?

K – It was actually my boyfriend’s aunt who said this to me: “Your book (Crashing Back Down) changed the way I view my relationships and I have found I am a better, nicer person because of it.” That really touched me, and was shocked because she is one of the best people I know!

T – Your cover for The Hysterics, is yet to be revealed, but the synopsis definitely caught my attention. What can you tell us about this book? And do you have a release date for it?

K – The Hysterics! OMG, so exciting! This story is inspired by shorts that I first started writing over a year and a half ago and I am so in love with these characters. It is going to be an intense romance about two people who are so bad for each other that they are perfect. One of my favorite lines from my MS is: “The chemistry between us will blow this place apart and make it better from the destruction.” I do not have a firm release date for it yet, but it should be out in the beginning of December, at least that is the plan.

T – How do you go about developing your characters? Are any of them based on people you know or parts of you?

K – There is only one character that is based off of a real person and that is Cali from The Crashing Series. She is modeled after my best friend, Christina who I met that same way Mags and Cali do in the beginning of Crashing Back Down, during sorority recruitment freshman year of college. The rest of them develop themselves really, while I am writing, I get to know them and let their voice be heard to the best of my ability.

T – The question of questions…what else do you have in the works right now?

K – I have 3 other WIPs (other than The Hysterics)…One is a complete standalone about hockey players (really hot hockey players *wink*wink*) and two shoot off standalones from the Crashing Series, but I can’t say too much about those yet, I don’t want to give too much away!

T – I know that writing is your “other” job, although we both know the mind never stops. If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

K – My “day job” is too boring to talk about, even though I love it! But what I would rather be doing than “working” (and sometimes writing) is fishing. I love just being out on the water, relaxing with a fishing pole in hand!

T – What do you feel is the easiest and hardest part of writing?

K – The easiest is falling in love with characters. The hardest is doing them justice and telling their story to the best of its ability (oh and editing!)

T – What is your favorite thing about the Indie Writing Community?

K – The amazing support! Indies are always there for each other and I love it so much!

T – Who is your biggest inspiration personally and professionally?

K – I have two huge inspirations in life, my father and my Grammy! They both are amazing, strong people that have overcome so much in their lives and are successful, kind, and wonderful people. I would not be where I am today without their guidance and support.

T- To date, what is your biggest accomplishment?

K – Getting the guts to hit publish on Crashing Back Down! I suffer from anxiety and anyone who can relate will know how huge that step was!

T – Five years down the road, what is your goal for your writing? Publishing deal? Agent? Movies?

K – Five years…goodness…I am hoping to be writing full time, still as an indie author but hopefully with a movie deal in the works. I guess only time will tell! But, as long as I am still in the book world, I will be happy!

Lightning Round!!! Are you ready?!? Twitter-sized answers as fast as you can 😉

Gosling or Reynolds – You’re evil! Gosling if I HAVE to pick!

Ideal Vacation – Costa Rica!

Favorite Place to Visit – The Florida Keys!

Game of Thrones or Walking Dead – Game of Thrones hands down!

Favorite Disney Character – Aurora (Sleeping Beauty!)

The world is ending you can only save one person. Who is it? My Boyfriend…He’d be so handy in an apocalyptic situation.

In the movie of your life, who would play you? – Myla Kunis (I hope!)

Favorite cuss word – Fuck…it’s the best at driving the point home

Kiss/Kill/Marry – Kardashians – (Kourtney, Khloe, Kim) – Ugh. Can I die alone?! And have them off the air for good…Sorry to all their fans; I just don’t get the appeal. Maybe it’s because I’m a tomboy? (SO with you!!!)

Favorite Author – I have too many, that’s a trick question! (If I had to pick it’d be Brittainy C. Cherry though)

T – Final question: if you could say anything to your readers, what would you say?

K – The simple but perfect: Thank you! Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me a chance. I am virtually unknown and it takes guts to give a new author a chance, I know that. For the ones that have, I cannot express how much that means to me!

T – Thank you so much for answering these questions – especially on such short notice! I can’t wait to see the art for The Hysterics!

K – Thank YOU! This was so much fun!

To learn more about Kristen and her books, check her out online:







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