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So What’cha Want…

I remove the silky piece of material, and she pulls my body flush against hers.

“You feel so good,” I confess as my lips continue finding someplace new to touch.FTB

This woman is consuming every one of my senses, and I want more. My hands can’t touch her fast enough, and I want to taste every bit of her.

“You’re so beautiful,” I admit while looking at her naked body. Through the fog of the shots and beer, I see curves and skin and hips arching against me, and I drink her in. Damn, she’s sexy.

“So are you, t-” she says before my lips collide into hers. Her soft moans send my body into overdrive as I give in to the night neither of us planned and both of us want.


(Copyright 2014, Mine to Steal by T.K. Rapp. All Rights Reserved)

Wait for it….




I’ve heard it all and I get it – I do! You want the details.

What he did to her? 

How he made her feel?

Did she have the best night of her life?

Was he the best she’s ever had?

How did he do it?

That damn FADE TO BLACK!


I love reading romance stories and the way the relationship builds – even that moment when they finally get to the good stuff! There are some writers who describe it so beautifully and delicately that it makes you swoon. There are others that describe – in great detail – every facet of the moment, making you blush. Then there are ones – like me – who work the fade to black and get the backlash for it.

I have to ask, why is the “fade to black” such a bad thing? 

I remember as a kid (dating myself here) my parents watching Dallas or Knots Landing…or even soap operas – a love scene would come on…

They’re kissing all passionate and shit…

Cut to the mad rush to remove clothes…

He’s still kissing her as he walks her backward toward the bed…

*** Camera pans out, the screen blurs and focuses on the candle or some other cheesy object***


Yep, happened all the time.

Go back another 20-30 years, and there was none of that. A chaste kiss (if you were lucky) and maybe a shot of a messy bed. Cut to 9 months later, Jr. is popping out!! o_O

You knew exactly WHAT was happening without the detail. It wasn’t the act that was important, it was the story and how it developed.

I know I know!! I’m brining up television and movies when my subject is books – specifically writing. But really, is it any different?

Again, I have to repeat here, I LOVE READING ROMANCE….all types! The detailed AND the fade to black! 

Let’s face it – if you’ve read my books, you know I write in the FADE TO BLACK persuasion. I could go into more detail about where he touches her, how she feels, but that’s not the way I write. If I did write it, I think it would come out awkward – so I write what I want to write. Some people read it and love the way the scene plays out. Others, which I’ve heard many times, feel cheated or that I chicken out. I can promise you, it’s not that at all.

I make no apologies for my stories,

the way I write

and what I write.

Any other writer will tell you the same thing.

Sad Teenage Girl

Of course I want you to read and love my books, but I also know that not everyone will. I can accept and appreciate that. Some will be pissed. Others will be disappointed. Some may never read another of my books again. But there is the crowd that WILL read. That’s who I write for…and myself. 😉

There is beauty in all stories and the relationships within them…the ones that make you blush from the content (yes! I read those!!!), the ones that detail love-making, the ones that detail F$%@ing, and YES – the ones that FADE TO BLACK. Every writer pours their heart and soul into their stories and does everything they can to bring all aspects to life in your imagination. It’s why I love reading so much – I SEE that movie when I’m reading it. I FEEL the emotions the characters are experiencing. DAMN! I love reading!!

Going back to the title of this post, “So What’cha Want?” – because if your imagination is vivid enough, you can see the scene in your mind, without my input. 😉

****FYI – this post is based off of feedback I’ve received from readers (both for and against FTB.) There is absolutely no malicious intent, nor am I knocking anyone’s work. I have so much love and respect for every writer who is brave enough to put themselves out there. ❤ ****

~T ❤

P.S. “So What’cha Want” by Beastie Boys has me rocking out at the moment. 😉


4 thoughts on “So What’cha Want…”

  1. You write like I do! I wrote my first-ever love scene in Smoke, which as you already know ends in a “fade to black” kind of way. If it’s not critical to the story, I don’t feel inclined to include those details…but that’s just me. I really appreciate this post, but I gotta admit…you fooled me in the beginning!!

    1. Lol! Yes!! We both write that way and like I said, I make no apologies. I have no qualms about reading it at all, it’s just not what I write. (Glad I fooled you!!) 😉

      1. OMG I just got the best idea. Next blog post: a parody of Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song”: “I’m not gonna write you a love scene, ’cause you asked for it, ’cause you need one…”

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