Step Behind…

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with blog posts lately. Really hard!! Part of that is because I’ve been working on a story that I’m very excited about and the other because my kids are in school and activities, so they are keeping me busy.

I love talking books and about the writers I love. My friend, Chew and I share very similar books likes. Honestly, our interests couldn’t be more alike if we tried. We recommend books to each other all the time. (She reads way more than me. I’m jealous!) Kim & Kare are pretty eclectic in their reading tastes, I mean, the things they recommend are so different that I’m intrigued enough to give it a try. Since I don’t get to read as often as I used to, my TBR has continued to grow while the books I’ve actually read hasn’t grown much.

I’m almost finished with my WIP (that I’m so excited about) and I will finally get to sit and read some (also excited about this). This got me to thinking…especially since someone recently asked me about the books I’ve read lately. I figured why not share some of them here (FYI, this is not a complete list. Hell, even my GR list isn’t complete. LOL!):

(Click any underlined text to go to the buy page or author page)

  • Word Play by Amalie Silver: Satire. Light. Funny. Original. (Currently on sale on Amazon) I enjoyed this book so much. Must read with a sense of humor because it’s satire. Amalie is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. ❤
  • The Roam Series by Kimberly Stedronsky: Paranormal Romance. I think it’s safe to say people know how much I love this girl! I read these books over a year ago and fell in love with West. I highly recommend this book!
  • Any book by A. Meredith Walters: YA. NA. Dark Romance. I first read Bap Rep and enjoyed the writing and the story which lead me to Find You in the Dark; I was blown away by this series. I love Maggie and Clay. Now, possibly my favorite? Reclaiming the Sand. Read. It. Now!
  • Colleen Hoover. Yes, I realize that this is broad, but really, it covers everything. I have read and loved all of her books. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a Colleen Hoover novel.
  • Odium by Claire C. Riley: Horror. Disclaimer: I don’t do scary! At all!! But, I love Claire and told her I was diving in and I’d see her on the other side. I couldn’t put this book down. My imagination was working overtime and everything about the story was so well done.
  • Remembering Us by Stacey Lynn: NA. Romance. This one just made me smile. What can I say? I loved the characters and how my mind constantly questioned where the story was going.
  • Love Hacked by Penny Reid: Contemporary Romance. Smart. Funny. Sexy. Based on those words alone, you know you want to read it. And if that’s not enough…Penny is the ONLY Falconer. Just ask her!

So, as you can tell, most of these books have been out a while, which tells you I don’t get to read too often. 😦 BUT, there’s a silver lining!! I plan to wrap up Finding Laila this week and send it on to Betas. While it is in their wonderful hands, I will be reading!! It’s like a dream come true!! What will I be reading??


I know there are more that I would love to add to both lists, but I’m running on fumes at this point. :/

Have an excellent day!

~T ❤

😎 Step Behind by Tripping Daisy – I wish they were still around because – totally awesomeness!

***Giveaway opened to US Residents only. Winner will be selected via Random next Wednesday, October 1, at 8pm CST. To be eligible, you must leave a comment on THIS post listing some of your favorite books. Will will be announced on this page, and will have 24 hours, from announcement to claim their prize.

21 thoughts on “Step Behind…”

  1. I compared lists on Goodreads and you’ve already read many of my brilliant suggestions. So here a few that you haven’t read, that I really liked:
    Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan (romance)
    Pulse and Collide by Gail McHugh (romance)
    Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (unique love story)
    These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf (mystery/thriller)
    Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson (mystery/thriller)
    any of Gillian Flynn’s three books (mystery/thriller)
    The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, or any of her books (dystopian/sci-fi/speculative fiction)

    If you like YA, I could name a hundred more. 🙂

  2. Since Lead Me Not is already o your list, I will simply tell it’s aaaamazing. Huge A Meredith Walters fan. Also can’t wait for Reclaiming sequel. So excited. My suggestion would be to pick up Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor. It’s a debut and it’s seriously swoon worthy. The hero is a Navy Seal and the heroine is a young pregnant widow with 4 small children. Fabulous!

  3. I also love the books on your list 🙂
    Puddle Jumping by Amber L Johnson is a beautiful book about unconditional love between two young adults. It’s one of my all time favorite books.
    Fallen Crest series by Tijan
    Sweet Home series by Tillie Cole
    Wingman by Bella Jewel had me hysterically laughing at times.
    Brightest Kind of Darkness series by PT Michelle is a very unique YA crossover NA paranormal series.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!
    Can’t wait to read you latest!! 😀

    1. I think I’ve heard of Puddle Jumping! At least it sounds familiar. I’m going to have to check that one out!! Okay and Wingman…really?! You have me with the title alone! LOL! WOOO! Can’t wait! 😉

  4. I recently read “chat” by Theresa Rite, and let me tell you, I completely loved it. “Push” by Claire Willis is amazing too, kind of freaky but good nonetheless. “The cranberry Inn” series by Beth Ehemann is super sweet. “Penance” by Sarah Buhl which is a very interesting story, and I would also suggest for you to read “unborn” by Amber Lynn Natusch, or “undertow” by her also! Both books are amazing even though they’re different genre, undertow is romance and unborn is urban fantasy!

  5. My recommendations….
    Ignite by R.J. Lewis, it’s a hidden gem, not enough people know about this book. It’s an MC type book, not too hard core. It’s an amazing emotional book. I’ve recommended it to friends and they loved it! (Cliffy, so you’ll have to get Burn also but it’s already out.)
    If you like YA, Cassie Mae is hilarious! Friday Night Alibi and Reasons I Feel fit the Funny Fat Friend are my favorite.
    New Adult, series, Saving Wishes by GJ Walker Smith. First book is free and till be hook.
    The last two are clean reads for any age group really. Those are some of my favorites. You know where to find me if you want to talk more! ❤

  6. Have you read any of the Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery? Good stuff there. I also really like Virgin River, Grace Valley and Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr. If you like historical, I have a whole different list 🙂

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