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It’s been a while since I’ve truly blogged and there’s a reason….I don’t know what to say. I mean, yes, I do have a book coming out…but that’s still a while away. And I do have something else to share, but that’s in a few weeks and I have to keep my mouth shut until then so I don’t ruin it. 😉

This leaves me with a dilemma: Do I leave the blog quiet and boring? Or do I write something? Anything! Well, I decided to write something – non-book related. I sought the advice of a writing prompt:

What have you inherited from your father?

My dad is many things – husband, father, grandfather, father-in-law, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend.

He’s strong. He’s quiet. He’s thoughtful. He’s smart. He’s ambitious. He’s faithful. He’s dedicated. He’s hardworking. He’s supportive.

He loves his family.

He is so much more than these few things I mention. He’s my daddy. The man I have compared every other man to, because my dad is ten-feet tall and can kick your dad’s butt. Not that he actually will, but my dad has always been larger than life.

Some people *think* they know my dad, but they don’t. There are only a few of us that know the real man, but none more so than my mom.

So if I sit here and think about the things I inherited from my dad, these are what I come up with, based on things I have told my mom – who is the person I go to with all of my quirky notions, observations and feelings…because she gets me:

I’m ambitious. When I have my mind made up, there’s little that can stop me from getting what I want. When I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to go to Texas A&M. My high school counselor wasn’t one to meet with me to make sure I was on the correct academic path, it was me. I made sure I had everything in line to get to the finish line. When I decided to write a book, I did the research and figured out how to do it because I wanted it so badly.

I love my family more than anything else in this world. If everything were taken away from me, as long as I have my family, I know that I will be okay. I’ve never known so much love in my life as I do loving my kids. My husband is truly my best friend and our girls are first and foremost in our lives.

I’m strong…at least I like to think so. You never know what someone’s past is, and you can only assume unless they open themselves up and expose their deep darks. You don’t know what my journey has been…very few do, but it’s been hell – and I’ve survived. I survive everyday, because it’s all I can do and I do it because I want to. I make the choice everyday to move on, and somedays is harder than others.

I’m quiet. People who know me may scoff at this, but it’s true. I’m talkative about many things, but I keep a lot bottled up – feelings, thoughts, wounds…etc. I think this may be one of our (both dad and my) worst traits. People assume our silence for passivity, but it’s not, it’s fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of hurting someone. Fear of actually having to stand up and say something. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Because of the silence, people try to speak for me, and that drives me insane. But it’s no ones fault but my own.

I know that I’ve inherited both good and bad traits from my dad and my mom – I am their child. Just like my girls will inherit things from me that they will both love and hate. It’s the nature of raising kids, right? My dad is pretty damn great – and I’m proud of the way I turned out – flaws and all. The way I see it, I won the lottery getting the parents I have. ❤


😎 Special Angel by Bobby Helms…it was the song I danced with my dad at my wedding almost 14 years ago. ❤

Author Spotlight ~ Erin Noelle

It’s been a while since I’ve done an author spotlight, and this week, it’s back with a bang! Welcome to none other than, the wonderful, Erin Noelle! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her while working on a local event and I think she’s so incredibly sweet and talented! Many of you have read her books, whether it’s the Book Boyfriend Series or her more recent releases. She has a new book, Surviving Us, that releases next week!! It sounds amazing and I know she’s eager to tell you about it, so let’s move on, shall we?? 

Synopsis of Surviving Us:

22027888Two survivors.
Two weeks.
One awakening.

When Bristol Criswell travels to St. Lucia for an Enduring Life retreat, she hopes to discover encouragement and support from like souls. A vacation fling is the furthest thing from her mind, especially not with a cocky-mouthed, arrogant jerk like Davis McKay.

But when it becomes evident she can’t deny the magnetic attraction between the two, she gives in to her desires, and for the first time in her life, learns the difference between simply living and truly feeling alive.

As their time in paradise quickly comes to an end, will her heart be able to withstand another devastating loss when it’s time to say goodbye, or will their connection be strong enough to survive the real world?

Death brought them together, but love will give them a reason to live.

**This book is a full-length, stand alone novel that is not a part of a series**

Let’s get to know…

Erin Noelle

Erin Noelle

T – Thank you for taking some time to answer some questions about you and your books. For those who may not know you (INSANITY…I tell ya!!) tell us a little about yourself.

E – Let’s see…a little about me. I’m a Texas girl, minus the horses and guns, who loves to read, write, and hang out with my family and friends. Food, wine, and watching sports are at the top of my list of indulgences outside of my addiction to romance novels. I’m a pretty easy-going gal that is known for my epic cartwheels and terrible singing.

T – Your first book, Metamorphosis – The Book Boyfriend Series – came out last year and was a big hit! How do you feel your writing has changed since this book?

E – When I wrote Meta, I literally just sat down at my computer and wrote it. I had a premise, but no outline or synopsis; I really didn’t even know how it was going to end. Other than required English classes in school and college, I’ve never taken a writing course, but with each book I write, I feel my writing techniques improve and my vocabulary expands. Continuing to read other well-written books also teach me quite a bit about writing.

T – I am currently reading Translucent (Loving it!!!) and know that you have another in the works. What can you tell us about the sequel?

E – Transparent, the continuation of Blake and Madden’s story, will be the second and final book in the Luminous series, and it will release on Jan 16, 2015. I’m currently working on it now, and I can’t tell you much without giving away the big secret from Translucent.

T – Your newest release comes out next week (OCTOBER 23rd!!) – Surviving Us – and the cover is amazing and the synopsis definitely has me eager to read. How did you come up with the premise for this novel?

E – An article on CNN.com about a young woman who was the sole survivor of a commercial plane crash actually prompted the idea for this story. The report went into quite a bit of detail about the guilt and PTSD she has suffered since the crash, and it was an aspect of the entire accident I hadn’t really thought about before.

T – We both know the book world is filled with negativity, but there are wonderful positives. What are your favorite things about the book world?

E – Two huge positives really stick out in my mind when I think about the book world and those are meeting some amazing women (a good mixture of other authors, bloggers, and readers) and the message I receive from readers when they tell me that one of my stories really made a difference or touched them in a special way.

T – What is the best compliment you have received on your writing?

E – I’ve had several women get tattoos inspired by my books, some even of the exact same tattoos from my covers, and that is the ultimate compliment. For the rest of their lives, they’ll have something that reminds them of one of my books.

T – What is your favorite way to connect with your readers and fans?

E – Despite all of its faults, I still utilize Facebook mainly to connect with my readers.

T – Has your husband read your books? What does he say to encourage you and your art?

E – My husband has read the Book Boyfriend Series, but not the others. He’s always giving me book ideas, which I love, and he’s extremely supportive of what I do. He actually gave me the idea for When the Sun Goes Down.

T – What do you think is the hardest part of writing a story?

E – The beginning, definitely. The first chapter not only sets the tone of the book, but it’s when most readers decide whether or not to continue reading. Sometimes it’s hard not to throw too much information out there all at once and overwhelm the reader.

T – What do you love most about writing?

E – While writing the words “The End” is always a relief, I love the developmental part of a character and/ or story in my head. It’s fun to create a whole new world and the personality of these people.

T – What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment professionally? Personally?

E – Professionally, publishing my first book is by far my biggest accomplishment. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d write a book, much less publish it where the public could purchase it. Personally, creating my two beautiful, though sometimes bratty, daughters is what I’m most proud of. They are the highlight of my life.

T – If someone asked your advice about writing, what would you say?

E – Sit down and write the story in your head, and do it for yourself, not anyone else.

T – What are you reading right now?

E – BAIT by M. Mabie

Alright, this is my favorite part THE Lighting Round (Twitter-sized answers as quick as possible) – Ready…Set…GO!

• Tattoos or Piercings: Tattoos
• Favorite Author: Colleen Hoover
• Last Movie You Saw in the Theater: Frozen
• Ultimate Book Boyfriend (not your own): Edward Cullen
• Deer or Goats: Deer
• Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
• Wine or Beer: wine
• What is Your Favorite Cuss Word: fuck
• Christian or Gideon: Christian
• Coffee or Coke (LMAO!!): coke (poison!!)

T – All right, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. So here’s the last thing: If you could say anything to your readers what would it be?

E – To my readers: Thank you!!! The fact I even have “readers” blows my mind, and there’s no way I can express my gratitude for their support and the fact they keep reading these craxy stories that keep popping in my head.







Surviving Us