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Authorly Love Part 2…


Welcome back!!! I moved this post to Wednesday instead of Thursday for a Woman Crush Wednesday bit. ❤

I love talking about the authors I love. Some, I have never read their books, but on a personal level, I admire the hell out them. There are so many books to read that I can’t keep up AND keep writing. Unfortunately since publishing, my reading quantity has gone down drastically. But I read when I can!

Anyway, last week I shared 5 amazing women and why I love them! Today I have 5 more to share with you. Are you ready?!?

Again, in no particular order….

Author: Stacey Lynn
Why: Another woman who is special to me! We have been friends for over a year and she’s been a huge help in shaping my books. I always look forward to her feedback and suggestions because she’s funny as hell! Seriously. Again, another one of those…is she as nice in real life??? YES! She is. We got to hang out back in November when she was in Houston and I swear it was as if I’ve known her forever. I admire her writing ability so much. She’s a powerhouse! *Superstar*

Favorite Book(s): My first Stacey Lynn book was Remembering Us and it’s still my favorite to this day. It was one that I fully immersed myself in and didn’t want it to end. She also has the Nordic Lords MC books and I have read every one of those. I enjoyed the fast-pace and suspense of where the story was going. And she knows my thoughts on certain characters. ❤ LOL

Author: Claire C. Riley
Why: I love Claire because she has a sexy accent. Haha! Kidding. I mean, it’s AWESOME, but she is fantastic. This is another one that I am dying to meet IRL, but for now, our Facebook voice messages and occasional pics will have to suffice. I have gone to Claire numerous times with story situations that don’t seem to mesh, only to have her make a suggestion that fixes everything. And on a personal level, Claire is a wonderful human being with the biggest damn heart. ❤

Favorite Book(s): Okay, so I’m going to admit here and now that I don’t like reading scary things because….well, they scare me. Ha! BUT…I read her book Odium and it was so freaking awesome! I mean, Nina is kick-ass! Side note: my youngest and I had debates about zombies so she read it too. I am now being pressured by my kid to get around to the second book by this summer so she can read it. And if you haven’t read Thicker Than Blood, the book she co-wrote with Madeline Sheehan…you really should!

Author: Penny Reid
Why: Peeeeennnnnnaaaaaaayyyyyy!! Yep, I shouted that. Penny was one of the first authors I had the pleasure of meeting at the first signing I did (1 year ago). You talk about smart? Holy crap!! Penny is pretty freaking cool. I love how her mind works and the things that she does for the author community. I don’t know many people who celebrate other authors the way Penny does. She’s quirky and funny to be around and I don’t think there’s any way to be serious in her presence….she won’t allow it. 😛

Favorite Book:  Love Hacked. It was the first book of her that I read and it was incredibly smart and witty. So much that, if my husband was a reader, I think he would really enjoy it!

Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Why: Because she’s just so cute! Okay, but that’s not the only reason. Positivity. That’s what I love about Britt. I have watched her success, especially after Loving Mr. Daniels, and it’s very cool to see the things that are happening for her. Britt isn’t drama…in fact, she stays away from it, always responding with a smile. And she loves her family, so much! I love seeing things with her mom and little brother (and her other family members) because you can tell they are her world, and it’s beautiful. 😎

Favorite Book:  Loving Mr. Daniels. Those damn letters had me in tears every.single.time! And let me just say, I was already bawling within the first few chapters.

Author: Kelsie Leverich
Her smile. Seriously, have you seen that smile?! Kelsie is as beautiful outside as she is inside. We’ve had a few group skype sessions and she’s so damn cute I don’t know what to do. LOL. Kels is one of those authors who can tell a story so seamlessly and draw you in. I admire her for so many reason, but I think the thing I love the most is her devotion and attention to her kids and her family. That and you get her and Stacey on and skype with a glass of wine and laugh until someone has to go. 🙂

Favorite Book: The Valentine’s Arrangement. I love Ronnie and Kale’s story. Ronnie is that woman that’s so cool, you want to meet her in real life…and Kale, he’s just plain hot.

Okay, so that’s all for Woman Crush Wednesday this week. Remember to check back next week to see who else I want to chat about.

~T ❤


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