Authority Love Part 3…

Black lips

Okay, I’m winding this down. I could go on every week about the different women who inspire me, but then I’d never get a break because there are so many. So. Many.

These ladies I have had the pleasure of reading their works, as well as talking about various topics. I feel blessed to know them and be able to call them friends.

So let’s get this going!

Author: Lori Otto
Why: My friend Lisa had been going on and on about “Lori Otto” and how wonderful her books are. She kept telling me that I needed to read and I wanted to, so bad! We both attended Penned Con this year and I finally got to meet Lori. If you haven’t met her, you’d love her. And if you have met her…you totally know what I’m talking about. She’s so quiet, yet sweet and funny….and we text. I texted her often while reading and then again while we commiserated about headaches and Parenthood (the show, not the job) LOL. I think Parenthood bonded us. 

Favorite Book: I read Lost & Found this fall and I absolutely loved it. My girls were at school and it was a non-writing day, so I finally got to read. It was one of those books where I couldn’t stop smiling, and yet I was yelling – out loud. Thank God I was alone. I have yet to read the next, though I am dying to and t’s queued up and ready to go.

Author: Erin Noelle
Why: I met Erin a year ago at Houston Author Bash. My friend Chew had read her Book Boyfriend Series and loved it, especially since it was set in Houston. Oddly enough, I learned we had a mutual acquaintance, which is the reason I talked to her in the first place. Erin cracks me up. Her laugh can get everyone going and I’m lucky to say that I get to see her almost every week when we meet up with Kathryn Falk of RT Book Reviews, Kayla Robichaux, Sierra Cartwright and Barbara Blue.

Favorite Book(s): I’ve read Translucent and loved it. Erin is a wonderful story teller, but the book I’m still dying to read, that I haven’t yet – her Book Boyfriend Series. I keep hearing how good it is, and I just HAVE to read it!

Author: Kahlen Aymes
Why: Kahlen and I became friends online. Like so many others, we would chat about books, marketing, trends and everything else. Kahlen is a very smart woman and I enjoy hearing what she has to say. This is another one that I got to meet at Penned Con! Meeting her in person was like walking up to someone I’ve known forever. She’s so sweet and I love her outspoken nature. ❤

Favorite Book:  The Future of Our Past. Ryan and Julia. I mean, what else can I say. I got butterflies for these two.

Author: Beth Caplin
Why: Beth. What can I say about my sweet, funny friend? I’mont sure how it was that we got to messaging online, but I’m so glad it happened. We’ve exchanged WIPs and talked out plot lines and possible hiccups along the way. I respect this woman so much because she knows what she stands for and refuses to compromise to follow popular standards. I think that’s rare in this world. I can’t wait until the day that I FINALLY get to meet her.

Favorite Book:  The book that she has coming out may be my favorite. It’s not out yet, but as soon as it is – I WILL be sharing!! ❤ 

Thank you again so much for checking out this list. Again, it’s not everyone that I love and respect in the author world….but I’m actually running late for a meeting…so I gotta jet.

Next week….SPRING BREAK!! I wonder what will post during that week????

~T ❤


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