I Broke My Ankle…

13680362_1741303546086859_102079079289393275_oAnd it sucks. 😛

I’m 38 and I’ve managed to make it this far in life without ever breaking a bone. YAY!! Until yesterday. :/ I will say, compared to what’s going on in the world and what others have to go through on a daily basis, my broken ankle is nothing to complain about. In fact, aside from the twinges of pain, my only true complaint is my lack of sleep. I managed to get 6 hours on and off last night. But by 5:30 this morning, I was officially up for the day.

Let me walk you through what happened – I bet you’ll laugh, or maybe not…but I haven’t stopped.

9:45 (ish) I’m at kickboxing (yes, I sound so bad ass right now!) and I’m finishing up one of our last rounds. I’m sweating and giving it my all, and wondering how I’m going to go three days in a row as planned. It’s time to use that sidekick that I learned only the day before and I’ve already done it about 20 times (maybe). I’m positioned…left foot planted and right leg goes up and I kick it. Hard. It was one of those kicks where I was cheering myself on…for a split second until I flailed as I fell to the floor. I wish I could say it was graceful, but the only thing I can actually attest to is that it was funny.

I kid you not, the very first thing that went through mind as I felt the pops and heard the snap on my way down was “Dear God, I hope no one saw that!”

The two instructors ran over to check on me and as I clutched my foot I explained to them what happened. Mind you, class was still going on. 😛 They got me some ice for my foot and I told them to continue with class…my plan was to stay on that mat for a while longer and let it rest. While I sat on the floor icing it, I texted my sister who had called me during class:

I texted my husband, my parents, and my other friend who had texted me during class to let them know what happened. They all pretty much got the same message and yet…here’s the thing, I couldn’t stop smiling and occasionally laughing.

My mom suggested I go to the ER or urgent care, but I was certain – C E R T A I N – it was just a bad sprain. I mean, after all, I’ve never broken anything. If it got worse, I assured her I’d go get it checked out. When I was finally able, I hobbled out of the gym and went home. No problem driving since it was my left foot.

10:10 (ish) I get home and the first thing I did was grab a cane. In all of the crap going on, this was the one smart thing because I laid on the couch with ice and my foot elevated for…oh…about 10 minutes. I looked at my foot and the swelling wasn’t too bad. My nurse friend advised that if it bruised or swelled, that I needed to get an X-ray. As I rested, I kept thinking, “Maybe I should go in. I will ruin vacation over this if I’m not careful.” And my mom’s voice kept echoing in my ears, “GO TO THE DOCTOR!”

10:35 (ish) I make my way to the urgent care and it was just my day!! I walked right in and waited only a few minutes before being taken to a room. The Doc looked at my foot and said we’d get an X-ray to figure out if it was broken or just sprained. The X-ray tech took 3 pics and then said, “yeah, it’s broken.” She showed me where and said that we’d get an official report and then go from there. The staff at the urgent care was great and helped me out to my car via wheel chair since all I had was a cane.

11:30 (ish) I drive to Walgreens to buy crutches. Oh yeah…I failed to mention, urgent care didn’t have any. HA!! So I got out of the car and, with cane in hand, hopped to the sliding door. I just kept thinking: Don’t. Fall!

When I finally made it inside, after almost falling again, the cashier looked at me with wide eyes, “Are you okay? What happened?”

I explained the fall, the break, and that I was in need of crutches. The man didn’t hesitate to run to the back and grab me some crutches, open them, and put them together for me. I am so grateful to him for being so helpful and kind. When I left the store, he told his manager that I was a bad ass. “She was in a fight with a ninja. I think it goes by the name gravity.”

As I left the store, I was wearing the same smile I’d had on my face all day. Yeah, I was smiling. WTF?!

Thankfully, my friend picked my daughters up and dropped them off to me. I had an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic doc at three and I was desperate for a shower. Remember…I’d been kickboxing, so I stunk!

This was, by far, the dumbest thing I’d done. Okay, breaking the ankle, THEN the shower. But you see where I’m going here. It was no easy feat, but I managed with some help and soon we were off to the doc. Again.

2:45 (no -ish, it was 2:45) we arrive to the doc where I waited over an hour. I was in a hurry because my sister and I had plans to go get dinner and then go to a concert. She’d won tickets (she’s the only person I know who actually wins tickets on the radio!!) and we had a night planned. I was looking forward to it so much. But then the doc too longer and longer. He casted me in a waterproof purple cast (Peese picked the color) and said I can’t bear weight on it for 2 weeks. It’s only been a day and my hands hurt.

But I’m still smiling. 🙂

I don’t know why. Truly. I didn’t cry when it broke and it did hurt. But it wasn’t the worst pain I’ve ever felt. That story is for another time. I didn’t get angry. In fact, maybe I’m still stunned that this happened. I have laughed several times. I got a little teary when he casted me because of the inevitable muscle atrophy. Haha. Yep! That’s what almost brought me to tears. I’ve repeated numerous times aloud and to myself, “I can’t believe I broke my damn ankle.”

But like I said, things could be worse. ❤IMG_0811



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