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Me Too – Pt2…

#MeToo It was 1998. I met him one time and we kissed. The next time, he thought it was okay to touch me.

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Me Too…

I was sexually harassed in the work place at 16. It was my first job and I was working in a small hardware store. There were two others who were a year or two older than me (a guy and a girl who happened to be dating), and a few older gentlemen. I actually really enjoyed working there because the hours were great and I liked the people. We were an eclectic group, but it was a good working environment.

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Under Pressure

When I write, I like to listen to music...who doesn't? Today is no different. I have been struggling with 3 different stories, each one pulling me toward it, and I find myself standing still because I don't know which to give my attention. I am drawn to each of them for a different reason and… Continue reading Under Pressure