Eric Asher ~ This Broken World

Vesik, Book 4 An ocean of darkness lives in the journal of Philip Pinkerton. Ancient things with no place in our world are rising from the Abyss. Ezekiel, the arrogant, mad god has called us into battle. Does he think we can’t touch him, or does he know we can’t? I wish I knew. The world’s only hope lies in a forgotten weapon, the strength of our allies, and one necromancer of questionable ancestry. Yeah, this is going to end well.
“When did you learn to
scale an incantation without a modifier?” the Old Man asked. His tone was full of humor.He wasn’t expecting an actual answer. He already knew the damned answer.
“I …” I stared at the frozen earth, speechless.
“You didn’t use a modifier, and yet you clearly used a minas art.”
I looked up at him with wide eyes. “I could have turned this entire field into an ice rink.”
“And yet, here we are.”
“Crazy old bastard,” Dell muttered as he stretched out on the rock again. “He could have killed us all.”
“Have you ever seen your master do that?” the Old Man asked.
“No,” I said. “You and Ezekiel and Edgar are the only people I’ve seen use non-verbal incantations.”
“You still spoke, but you internalized the modifier. Even that could be enough to give you an advantage in a close contest. And the sword.” He nodded at the blade.
I let it collapse in on itself and stared at the old hilt.
“Admittedly,” the Old Man said, “that is not likely to damage a demon to a significant degree. There are still times where a soulsword is your best bet. I would suggest using someone else’s soul for that.”
“That’s the path of a dark necromancer,” I said.
“That is the path of a man who survives.”

 Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

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Theresa Rite – Chat Blog Tour



by Theresa Rite


Contemporary Erotica, Stand-Alone Novel

When Sandy Quinn met Jason Brewer on the first day of second grade, a life-long friendship was born. 

Twenty-six years later, Jason is finally ready to move on from his divorce. His ex-wife leaves behind her Kindle, and he stumbles upon Bestselling Author Carissa Steel’s latest release. After learning that she lives less than an hour from his apartment- and is single- he contacts her on Facebook. As he struggles to flirt over chat, he enlists the help of his best friend.

Sandy has spent three years waiting for her boyfriend, Jack, to finally pop the question. At the same time Jason asks for her help, her world slowly begins to crumble around her. Through her pain, she continues to support her best friend, playing Cyrano to his newest conquest.

As Sandy begins to chat with Jason online, she creates a safe place to explore what neither of the friends thought would ever exist between them. As lines blur and are eventually crossed, they begin to wonder if amazing sex is worth risking a lifetime of friendship.

Twenty-six years… twenty-six letters.

Could they have always only needed each other?


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Walking on Sunshine…

A year ago, I turned 35.

A year ago, I declared – on this blog – that I was going to write a book. It was a birthday resolution. 

Well, here I am, a year later-a year older and I have not 1, but 2 books that I have published. I truly had no intention of publishing my first book, because the “writing” part was my bucket list item. However, my husband encouraged me to put it out there to see what happens. July, last year, I did just that…I published Being There.

But apparently I couldn’t stop there, and in August, while on vacation, another story came to me. I was sitting with my friend, Kari at the kitchen table… I grabbed my iPad to jot down a story idea and I showed it to her. I had two others going on, but this one just kept creeping in, so I gave it the time and attention it demanded. After weeks of of writing, then more weeks of writer’s block and multiple outlines to TRY to get me moving again, it started to flow. (Thank God! I was going nuts!!)

I loved writing Being There, but I think Mine to Lose is my favorite. It was hard to write because I knew better this time, but at the same time, what made it hard is what I loved.

So, today is a birthday/anniversary. Birthday because, well….I’m 36, now. :/ And anniversary because 1 year ago today, I went out with my family and let my husband tell the world that I was writing a book.



Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and given me the best feedback imaginable! I freakin’ love you!

Mine to Lose & Being There are available NOW on Amazon. 
Mine to Lose SHOULD be available in the Nook Store soon….

😎 Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine…SO true today! 

All I Can Do Is Write About It…

Merry Christmas!!! (Yes, I realize it’s late 😉 )

You probably don’t know this about me, but those who know me well do….I’m ALWAYS late! Hence why it’s taken nearly two months (possibly longer) to get Drew’s Scene completed. For those who don’t know…I promised that when I hit 1700 likes on Facebook, I’d write one scene from Drew’s POV, from Being There. As you have figured out, I’m L-A-T-E

If you want to read a special scene by Drew, click on this image below:

Drew & Cass

Drew & Cass

In other news…

  • Mine to Lose is on track to release on January 9 (which happens to be my bday!)
  • Mine to Lose will be available on iTunes, B&N and Amazon!!
  • To celebrate the Mine to Lose release, Being There will be on sale this Thursday. (Being there is only available on Amazon)
  • There will be a blog tour for Mine to Lose, so if you would like to participate, email me
  • Be sure to Add Mine to Lose and Being There to your TBR on Goodreads (click either title to go to that page.)

I am going to try to post ONE MORE blog entry for 2013, so if you’re interested, check back tomorrow! Thanks so much for reading and hope you have a great day!!

😎 All I Can Do Is Write About It – Lynyrd Skynyrd – such a great song (acoustic version)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…

Perhaps, my WIP for NaNoWriMo will be everything I am hoping it will be:

  • I’ve had a story playing in my head for months, but it’s been pushed to the back while I work on Mine to Lose. MTL has been my focus, and I fall more in love with this story all the time, but this other story is calling to me, and NaNoWriMo seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what I can do with it. Whether or not it’s finished by the end of the month isn’t the important part to me…nope, that would be in the telling of the story. (It’s not a love story. It’s sad and hopeful…I’ll share more when there is more to tell)

Perhaps, Mine to Lose will be finished by the end of November:

  • This book is all up in my head…non-stop, in my dream and daydreams! If only there were a way to get those thoughts out of my head while I’m driving, or cleaning. This movie plays in my head as I write, and I love it. So. Much. The funny thing, I see certain things happening, and then when I am writing the scene, it changes, and my jaw drops. Things are happening that I never intended, but I still love it. If you saw the teaser from yesterday, then you see some of it. So, I have some work to do, and I am hoping it will be ready to edits by the end of the month. (This becomes more of a reality everyday.)

Perhaps, I will get some reading done: 

  • O.M.G. – where do I start???? I have, in my possession, several WIPs/ARCs that I am DYING to read. DYING!! My list is long and beautiful, and I have been able to read some, and I can’t wait for these authors to put their work out there, because they are amazing! 

If you were one of the winners from the Blog Tour last week, keep an eye out for your goodies. I mailed them out today, so you should be getting something very soon!! I had so much fun with that tour and hope you did, too.

I can’t believe I almost forgot!!!! Yesterday, my Facebook page reached 2000 Likes! I’m shocked and thankful to everyone who sticks around!! 😉 And, if you have followed my page, then you know that when it hits 2000 Likes, I will be posting scene from Drew’s POV. Here’s your chance to select the scene! (Be sure to share and post! The winning scene will be chosen Friday!!!!!)

AND, just in case you missed my Mine to Lose dream cast yesterday…

Mine to Lose Dream Cast

Mine to Lose Dream Cast

🙂 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Cake. Awesome take on a classic!!

Mystery of Love…

This Monday, my Blog Tour hosted by Back Off My Books, ended. I am so grateful to Jenn for everything she did to put this together; she was fantastic. If you didn’t stop by last Thursday to the Live event, host by RMWTPC‘s Lisa, you missed out. Let’s just say there was Truth or Dare, pics of Texas, and definitely some TK torture…but there were also giveaways! It was so much fun and I got to chat with some great people. If you were one of them, THANK YOU for stopping by. 🙂

Since the tour ended, I have been BETA-reading a few books (awesome books that I can’t wait to come out) and have been staring a the flashing cursor on my screen.

Yup…just staring. I have drafted, outlined, rewritten, scratched out, made notes and still nothing. I have been stuck and it’s been killing me. How am I ever going to publish the book, if I can’t even finish it. As I told my CPs, I am having brain to computer issues. I see it playing out, but I can’t write it out. Make sense?

Mine to Lose ~ Notes

Mine to Lose ~ Notes

That problem was solved yesterday when I cleared my desk, put a song on repeat, got out my notecards and went for it. Not sure what was different between this time and ALL the other times I have tried to work it out, but this time, it clicked. I wrote note after note for two hours and when I was done, I had the entire thing complete! Working through the issues that were blocking me lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and motivated me to get moving. I was attached to my desk chair for hours, only stopping to eat and say goodnight to the kiddos. By the time I called it a night and shut down last, I had over 2k new words written, another chapter complete and a huge smile on my face.

So, that being said, my focus is on finishing Mine to Lose and I hope that when it’s done, you will love it. I couldn’t stop smiling last night, because I fell in love with Ryan, Emogen’s boyfriend, all over again. I’m so happy, in fact, that I’ve posted a small teaser below:

Mine to Lose ~ Teaser 1

Mine to Lose ~ Teaser 1

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully the teaser did just that….and maybe you’ll check back next week to see what other little snippets I’ll share. I promise, there WILL be another teaser. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear from Trey….he’s kinda great, too.

Don’t forget, during the month of October, 10% of sales from Being There will be donated to The Rose in Houston, Texas, in support of Breast Cancer awareness month!! Click HERE to buy your copy and help a great cause!

One final note: be sure to check back tomorrow or Friday, because one of my FAVORITE authors will be my featured spotlight. Want to know who it is? Check back 😉


😎 Mystery of Love” by David Gray – Just listen to it.