Come Get it Bae…

^^^ Yeah…that’s what I said. LOL…it’s my birthday, I’m allowed to dork it up a little, right?! There is a ton of things in this post, so please take a minute to look it over, I would so greatly appreciate it!! ❤

  • First off, I wanted to share a few of the kind things those who have ARCs of Finding Laila have said (click any name below to read their full review):
  • Second, Finding Laila comes out in 4 days!
Count them - 4!!!

Count them – 4!!!

Preorder is available and Laila is listed for $2.99!!
After release, the price will go to regular price of $3.99, so get your copy here
HERE <—-
before it’s too late.

Oh….and check out the book trailer featuring music from the awesome Matt Haeck (who has a new album coming out soon!!!)

  • Third, I wanted to share links for ways you can follow/connect with me online:
  • Fourth, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not #FindingLaila is the read for you, I wanted to share an excerpt. Maybe this will sway you toward reading 😉 :
    • Excerpt from Chapter 1“I guess we know the flavor of the week,” a female voice says from behind me, causing several others with her to laugh.I know they’re talking about me. They’re always talking about me. It’s been this way since I was in seventh grade, but I’ve made it my mission to ignore it.

      “She certainly gets around,” another voice chimes in.

      Cole is sitting to my left, Haden to my right and both guys are staring at the field, but neither is paying attention to the game. I watch out of my peripheral as Haden’s forearm muscles tense and relax while Cole bites his lip. They are intently focused on the words being thrown at me, but keep quiet for the time being.

      “She must be good because they all stick around,” a guy’s voice states in salacious tone that makes me nauseous.

      I don’t wait for another barb to be hurled my way, even though I know it’s coming. I throw my arm around Haden and whisper something in his ear before kissing his cheek then turning to do the same to Cole. I lean forward to see Joey, who is next to Cole and give him a wink, “I’ll get you later, Baby.”

      He shakes his head and laughs, “Why must you stir the pot?”

      Haden smiles – proud of my display – and it pushes me on.

      I turn to look at the three classmates who have stopped chattering long enough to watch my little show, jaws hanging open. I shrug my shoulders, and answer Joey, “I’m just giving them what they want.”

      One of the girls, Kasey, looks at me and raises a brow, “And what about Braxton?”

      I glance over to Cole who’s listening to everything, but is still watching the game. He smirks, as if he knows what’s coming and a smile of my own begins to break.

      They are gawking at me when I turn and wet my lips before winking at the girls.

      “If he wins, we all win,” I say huskily.

      “Touchdown!” The announcer yells and the crowd jumps to their feet to celebrate. All but the three jerks behind me.

Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes and reading this thing all the way to this point! ❤ I love you all so much and thank you for your support and encouragement. I’m still nervous about release day, but for some reason, not as scared as the other times. I absolutely love this book and it feels weird to admit that because I don’t want to sound obnoxious. I just truly loved writing it and fell in love with every character. So much that I wanted to live in my head and experience life WITH them. If you honor me with reading it for yourself, I hope that it touches you the way it did for me when I wrote it. And if it does, I would love to hear your thoughts if you review, so share with me. Please? 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and you’ll be seeing me again…soon!! ❤


😎 And duh, Come Get it Bae by Pharrell

Author Spotlight ~ Emily Walker

Consistency people – I LIKE IT!

I have another fun spotlight this week and it’s Emily Walker. Emily is a super sweet author with SEVERAL books to her name. The one we are spotlighting this week has a tittle that caught my attention – totally unique and funny. 🙂 Emily sat down this week to answer some of my weird questions and “hang out” with me online. Let’s check out Why Yellow Jackets Can’t Find the Hole!

Synopsis of Why Yellow Jackets Can’t Find the Hole:

10394579_409690292504202_43199156142536890_nThe Yellow Jackets are a group of young men in their early twenties who have taken a vow of sexual purity. But making a vow and keeping a vow is two different things. Each of them struggle in one way or the other to remain sexually unscathed. Bryant, one of the Jackets, has moved off campus from the all-boys school and finds himself neighbors to a very tantalizing beauty. Only this girl is much more than she seems, and unbeknownst to Bryant, she makes it her mission in life to take his virginity. Bryant and his roommates, in the meantime, are slowly discovering that all of their fellow Yellow Jackets have secrets. Not to mention that there’s a spy in their midst—one who is doing everything he possibly can to expose the fact that the Yellow Jackets are not as ‘pure’ as they all seem. 

Let get to know:

Emily Walker

Emily Walker

T – Emily! It is so great to have you here. I know you are Emily Walker 😉 and you have several books out there! Tell us something that not many people know about you.

E – Thank you so much for having me!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism and am pursuing my Masters in Human Resources. I have a full time job as an office manager for my alma mater.

T – Your book, Why Yellow Jackets Can’t Find the Hole is about some young guys who have taken a vow of purity. I love this premise! So much you can do with it. The reviews have called it, “entertaining,” “fun,” and “enjoyable.” Where did you come up with the idea?

E – I literally got the idea for the title and the whole book when I saw a yellow jacket go into a hole on the hill outside of my house. It was bizarre.

T – You have several books on the market. Books are like our babies, but I still have to ask, is there one that you favor more?

E – Long Road Full Speed Ahead which is due to come out sometime after re-edits (blarg, I know!) is the one I favor because it was hard as hell to write.

T – What do you think sets your novels apart from others?

E – I feel, and have been told, like I have a very relaxed writing style that is still enjoyable.

T – I notice that you have a couple of collections coming out soon. What else do you have in the works right now?

E – The Kingdom! I am writing a horror story about animals turning on us and it should have been done already. After that I am working on a story called Solo about failed science experiments (living ones). Of course, there are tons of things I am working on that aren’t public yet!

T – Like others, I see that you are a talented lady! Great reviews and you write several different genres. What is it that you like about writing in each one?

E – I love the idea of creating a whole new world so that’s where paranormal grabs me, Horror is a bit different and allows me to dip into a more sinister part of my psyche. Some people might find this disturbing, I find it fascinating. The fantasy is the same as paranormal but in a completely different way. Romance is fun because for the most part there are HEA and you get to escape and fall in love along with your characters.

T – Are there any of your characters that you identify with in some way?

E – I identify with Grace in Long Road. We have all been lost and out of control.

T – What do you find to be the hardest part of writing?

E – Finding the time, I wish I could just write all the time!

T – What is your favorite part or writing?

E – When the story comes to me, and it all just works itself out in my mind and then I can just go with it.

T – What is the best advice you have received from fellow authors?

E – Never stop improving and learning

T – What advice would you give to upcoming authors?

E – Just write, if you have a story in you, get it down on paper. The rest can be figured out later, but without a full novel you just have an idea.

T – Five years down the road, what is your goal for your writing? 

E – I want to have 5 more really good novels, if they are good then I’ll be happy. That doesn’t necessarily mean successful.

T – Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

E – On some level yes, but I just never did it

T – If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

E – I have a beauty blog and a youtube channel. I would probably just do that a lot more.

T – Who is your biggest inspiration personally and professionally?

E – I’m inspired by so many people. Rebecca Hamilton was the first indie I read, and I really enjoy talking to her. Claudy Conn is another very helpful author, and there are so many.

Now my favorite part – Lightning Round!!!

(Twitter-sized answers as fast as you can) Here we go….

T – Cats or Dogs

E – dog if I have to choose

T – Reading or Writing

E – writing

T – If you were stranded on an island, what one book would you require

E –  Job A Comedy of Justice

T – Favorite Author

E – Robert Heinlein

T – Anyplace in the world you want to visit

E – Paris would be nice

T – Farthest place you’ve been from home

E – Maryland, Lord that’s sad

T – Drive or Fly 

E – drive, I’ve never flown

T – eBook or Paperback

E – paperback

T – Kiss/Kill/Marry BSB! 😉 (Kevin, Howie, Brian)

E – Kevin, Howie, Brian

T – Favorite book

E – anything Heinlein and so many more

T – Thank you again for taking the time to answer some questions! I hope you had fun! I do have one last question for you…if you could say anything to your readers, what would you say?

E – Thank you so much for having me and to my readers thank you for sharing in my crazy world!

To learn more about Emily Walker and her books, go to any of the links below!

A Different Kind of Teaser Tuesday!

While I’m waiting to get feedback on my rewrites for Mine to Steal, I figured I’d post something completely different. This time, I’m going to post about ARCs I’ve had the honor of reading (or will be reading) and tell you about them. So let’s get started!!

First up, we have Chat by Theresa Rite:


I loved this book! I had read the premise and since she’s a friend of mine, Theresa let me read an ARC. First off, it was NOT what I was expecting…in a really good way! Sandy and Jason are life-long friends with an unbreakable bond. Every since second grade, they’ve seen each other through life’s bumps and bruises and always made it to the other side. Recently divorced, Jason is ready to move on and find his next romance, and with the help of his best friend, he does exactly that. Sandy (the name makes me what to sing Sandra Dee) and Jason are the friends you love to read about. They have each other’s back, push each other to be better and have that friendship built on witty comebacks and history that make you question everything. Jason…he’s kinda perfect….I really wanted him to forget the other writer and choose me. LOL! Add this one to your TBR!!! ❤

Click HERE for the link to my review of Chat

Next up is Word Play by Amalie Silver:

Word Play

So….the cover alone is enough to make someone want to read this book. But to actually read it….charming, funny, sexy, witty and incredibly clever are a few things that come to mind. Amalie Silver takes the writing community and flips the tables. This satirical take on authors, bloggers, agents, fanatics and everything in between is fabulous! What happens when a best-selling-sexy-erotica author, Christoph Strong meets his match in Monica Singer, the blogger determined to learn his identity? Misunderstandings, games, flirtation and of course sexy-time. (Had to channel Borat for that one!) I can’t wait for everyone to pick this one up because really…you’ll love it! ❤

Click HERE to add Word Play to your TBR

Then there is Point of Redemption by Stacey Lynn:

Point of Redemption

Point of Redemption is SO NEW….the cover hasn’t been revealed yet!! Stacey Lynn is one of my favorite people because she dances, she’s funny and a helluva writer!!! I’m so excited that I have my hands on this upcoming release. What does one do when she’s in a cyber waiting room with her own MS? She starts this book TODAY!!! I know I will love it. HOW do I know this, you might ask? Because I LOVED Point of Return, (Nordic Lords #1). That book made me cry and want more – and now she’s giving it to me! This is Ryker’s story. This is Faith’s story. THIS is a love story. Something tells me this is going to hurt, but call me a masochist because I’m going to read it anyway!! ❤

Click HERE to add Point of Return & Point of Redemption to your TBR

After that is Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey:

Scoring Wilder

Everyone knows I love me some R.S.! She’s my girl, text-buddy, beta-partner and table-partner….we are partner’s a lot!! LOL! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you are missing out because she is one of the most genuine and kind people I have met. Super sweet!! Anyway, my lovely friend sent me this gem to read and I can’t wait. I LOVED With This Heart…it broke mine, many times. And now, Scoring Wilder….are you kidding me?!? MUST read!! Again, I suppose I’m attracted to fabulous covers, and this one definitely makes that list! So soon as I’m finished with Lynn’s book….this one is queued up and ready to go and I’m looking forward to it! ❤

Click HERE to add Scoring Wilder to your TBR…and while you’re there, add With This Heart (because it’s amazing!)

Anyway, these are only a few of the books I have my hands on and I thought I’d share the love. ❤ These are great books and wonderful, amazing, fabulous, kind, fun, witty, sexy, hysterical, awesome, intelligent, angsty, brave – authors who wrote them! Be sure to give them a whirl, if you haven’t already!!




I needed to take a short break from finishing up Mine to Steal to write a blog post. 

As I said yesterday, the last time I posted was on March 20. There’s been quite a bit that’s happened since then. What, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you. 🙂

While writing Mine to Steal, I stumbled upon TWO new stories. I have them plotted out and ready to start as soon as I finish Trey’s story. One is another love story, but the other is dark. I have to admit, the darkness scares me, but I feel this pull to go there. We’ll see where it leads. They each have titles, but I’m not revealing them until there’s more to tell…just in case I decide not to tell the story at all. 

Aside from that, I’ve spent five of the last ten working days, in a coffeehouse writing, because it seems that I am unable to write from home. But I’ve knocked out quite a bit there, which makes me incredibly happy. Mine to Steal, more importantly, TREY, is coming along nicely. I had an epiphany last week and the rest of the story unfolded in front of me. Needless to say, HAPPY FACES all around. 🙂 🙂 🙂 This book will be ready for BETA by the middle of next week….at the latest. 😎


While I’m finishing up this book, I decided to run a rare giveaway. It is pinned to the top of my Facebook Page and all entries must be submitted on that post.

Here’s the deal:

1. If you have read Mine to Lose or Being there, Go to Goodreads, Amazon and/or B&N – leave a review for one or both of the books.
2. Go to the Pinned Post and share the link to your review (you should be able to share)
3. Post with “DONE” in the comments.


When you have done the above, you will be entered into a random giveaway. One winner will receive a signed paperback of Mine to Lose and another will win a signed copy of Being There. Winners will be verified BEFORE notified as a winner. 


Winners will be announced on my FB Page 4/17/14 and will have 24hours to claim their prize.

T.K. Rapp is solely responsible for this giveaway. Facebook and/or any of their counterparts have no association with this giveaway.

Don’t own these books yet? Well, here are the buy links 😉

Mine to Lose

Being There

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and hope to hear from you soon. ❤


And now you know why it’s “BOOM!” P.O.D.

Mine to Steal ~ Cover Reveal!!


Mine to Steal
T.K. Rapp


In life and business, Trey Miller has always been the good guy. Nothing wrong with that, since it’s gotten him everywhere he has needed to be. His startup company is a success and growing so much that he is gaining the attention of larger corporations.

By all accounts, Trey has it all, but the one place he fails is love.

He thought he might have had something with Emogen Kane, but she was taken before he even had a chance. Now, he hides behind work, unwilling to take any risks in the love department.

When Trey finds himself vying for a huge account against Faith Young, he knows he’s going to have to play it tough to win. Faith is smart, attractive and rumor has it, she lands every account she goes after.

When Faith is thrown into his path at every turn, Trey starts to feel that it is more than a coincidence. Seeing Faith with her boyfriend douses the flame that he was starting to feel, until he realizes that the guy might not at all be what he seems.

Trey let go once, but he’s determined to win it all this time. Does he have it in him to roll up his sleeves and get dirty? And if he does, will he finally end up with the girl?


T.K. Rapp is a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend – a writer. She’s a lover of music, photography and raunchy television (the raunchier, the better.) If you asked her friends what words they would use to describe her: an incurable dork, slightly awkward, loyal to a fault, a bit of a gossip, and a bit bitchy. (She tends to agree with all of them in some small measure.)

In July of 2013, T.K. published her first novel, Being There. Set in Texas, Being There tells the story of Cass, as she encounters life-altering news and the reemergence of old friends in her life. It was a lifelong dream for T.K. to write something and see it published, a feat she is incredibly proud of.

Her latest novel, Mine to Losewas released in January of 2014. MtL is a story about Emogen Kane – who finds her relationship with her fiancé, Ryan, falling apart. She’s left wondering if they were meant to be, or if it’s time to move on.

Rapp is currently working on completing the follow-up to Mine to Lose, titled – Mine to Steal – due to release Mid-May 2014.

When not writing, T.K. can be found chauffeuring Gidget & Peese (her kids) to their various activities or hanging out with her husband.

Contact Links:


The NEW cover of Being There.

Being There

As you most likely know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a devastating disease that affects so many around the world. We all know someone who has been touched by some form of cancer, and I wanted to do my small part. During the month of October, I will be donating 10% of all sales from my book, Being There, to an organization that offers complete breast healthcare for all women. If you haven’t read my book yet, NOW would be a great time to pick it up, and support a wonderful cause.

Please spread the word and help me raise money to donate to this fabulous organization!

Thank you so much! 😉

~T (P.S. Purchase Links Below)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Sony eReader

😉 I LOVE “Soldier,” by Gavin DeGraw, and it seems a fitting title for this blog post.