Hey! Happy New Year!!! (Late…I know) I hope that you’re 2016 is going well. ❤ For me, 2015 ended amazingly and 2016 has already started with a bang. I’ve been busy working on 2 stories, and while both are speaking to me, I’m going to try to focus all my attention on one. (I go crazy trying to do two things at once. LOL!)

Not sure if you heard, but on January 6th, I released my 5th book. It’s a contemporary romance…a football love story, titled, Fumbled. The story idea came to me after a conversation my husband and I had about JJ Watt. We are both huge fans of his and we were talking about how hard it must be for him to meet someone who wants him for him and not his status and money.

And thus…Fumbled was born.

NAYAI had so much fun writing this book. It’s very light, sweet, and cute – little “drama.” I think that’s why I loved writing it so much, because it didn’t demand the same heartache that my other stories have. As I was writing, I found myself smiling and laughing…ultimately falling in love with all of my characters. My daughters saw how much I enjoyed the story and would ask me what was happening. It finally got to the point that they begged me to let them read it.

ADNow let me say this, if you’ve read anything of mine before, you know I write very “fade-to-black” scenes, but even those I don’t let my daughters read. So around Christmastime, I removed those scenes, cut out about 99% of the cuss words, and sent it to their kindles so they could read it. Since my niece is an avid reader, she wanted to read it as well. She read it in about 2 days, my younger daughter finished it in a few…my oldest just started reading it. But because of their interest, I was encouraged by my husband, sister, mom, and the kids to release a YA version alongside the regular version. I figured why not, I had it already formatted. 😉

I didn’t know what to expect from this release. I never do. But I have to say, I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the reception…especially in Australia. I mean…really??? Australia readers, you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for spending time with these characters and helping to make Fumbled #49 overall there. (At least at the time of writing this post.)AD1

I suppose I should get back to writing. It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Texas and I plan on enjoying some of it. But I think I’m more excited to have a visit with Viola…Dani’s friend. 😉 I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, thank you everyone so very much for your continued support!! I’m blessed to have you. ❤ If you haven’t picked up your copy of Fumbled yet, it’s available exclusively on Amazon for only $2.99 and always free through KU.

US – http://bit.ly/Fumbled
AU – http://bit.ly/AUFumbled
UK – http://bit.ly/FumbledUK
Canada – http://bit.ly/FumbledCAN

If you’re interested in the YA version, look for the pink label.  12654251_1682841275266420_323009684265109573_n

~T ❤ 

To The Reader…

Dear Readers,

Is this thing on? 😉
Where are you? :/

I have had a hard time figuring out who you are – who my audience is. This is something I’ve thought about quite a bit in the last few months and I always come to the same conclusion:

I have NO idea!

When I write, I write because the story and the characters are so alive in my head that I can’t do anything else. I write because I want to share their story – because it’s a movie that is on constant replay. I write because I love it and I hope that others will recognize that in my stories.

***So back to my problem – finding my audience. It’s hard to find readers if you don’t know who to target and how to reach them.

Most of us have a preferred genre – our go to – when we are deciding what to read next. For me, it’s usually YA or NA and it’s hard for me to branch out. I have some amazingly talented friends who write in other genres: paranormal, erotica, horror, mystery – and I find when I take the chance and step out of my comfort zone – I LOVE IT! (More about that next week.)

When we read, we want to escape from our daily duties for a few hours where kids don’t cry, houses don’t need cleaning and dinner isn’t waiting to be prepared. We become that main character who the guy is drooling after. We become that woman who does the things that in real life, we might not have the guts to do. We get lost in their world and hate when the story is over because – hell, what am I supposed to do now?!

We all have expectations out of the books we read. As we should. For me, I look at the cover and the synopsis and decide if I want to read it. However, more often than not, I read a story based on friends telling me “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!” I expect the writing to be pretty solid and very few errors. (This is not to say that you won’t find errors in my books because – you will – Although I have done my best to catch most, if not all)

Again, back to my “issue,” of finding my audience. 

I feel the need to make a proper introduction at this time and tell you about me and my writing, so here it goes:

My name is TK Rapp, author of Being There, Mine to Lose and the recent release, Mine to Steal and I’m not quite sure WHAT my genre is. I can tell you what it’s not: it’s not paranormal, erotica, horror, mystery. LOL! I can tell you, these are the things that people have said about my books:



“Sweet”…”Cute”…”Real life”…”Heartache”…”Humor”…”Clean”…”No sex”

This is not meant to sound like bragging, but more of a…disclaimer/warning/advertisement, perhaps? While there isn’t “sex” in the detailed sense, there is “fade-to-black” sex. There are HEAs, but not without a struggle. There are funny moments, because life itself is funny. There is heartbreak and fights because – well, who hasn’t experienced these things?

I love what I do and I’m blessed beyond words that I have the ability to pursue this dream. I write, because I truly can’t imagine doing anything else. Of course, I would LOVE for people to read these books because they are a part of me and mean so much to me. But, if the same ten people kept reading my books and still loved them, I’d be happy even if no one else wanted to read them. And I’d still write – not because I have to or want to, but because I NEED to. Like so many others, I’m in this for the long haul because of my absolute love of the art.

So, wherever you are – you beautiful readers – it’s nice to “meet” you! I hope to see you someday and interact with you in person or online. I hope to finally figure out how it is am I supposed to find you, but if I never do I hope that you find joy in whatever wonderful story you are reading.

~TK ❤
T.K. Rapp



So, yesterday was my bday!

Was I happy about it? NO

Did it happen anyway? Yup!

So, I decided that YESTERDAY, my b-day is my “New Year.” So resolutions be damned…I’m making b-day resolutions. Okay, and those are pretty much the same as my “other” resolutions…so nothing changes.

I got lots of Facebook love, texts from family & friends and some entertaining phone calls. A few things made my day complete:

  1. A story written by my daughter
  2. A song sung to me, and written by my other daughter
  3. Live & Die by the Avett Brothers (It’s my song of the day) on HEAVY rotation in my car & on my computer
  4. An email from Colleen Hoover 🙂


The highlight of my evening ended with a family dinner, where they loudly…embarrassed me by singing Happy Birthday to me.

  • A-I HATE being sung to in public…on my birthday. HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! (but I will totally do it to someone else)
  • B-The restaurant is not a place where they sing to you. – Get it?!

Not only did they sing, but then proceeded to LOUDLY roasted me by making fun of my two vices: Reading & Working out. My husband commenting how he can’t complain about my reading all the time because I will likely kick is ass. I was laughing hysterically the whole time, completely RED-faced! But it was fun, and I loved every minute. Even when he outed me that I am working on writing my own book. (This is something that I have said I wanted to do, but not told that I am actively doing). Well, if that doesn’t light a fire under you, nothing will. Especially when others, not a part of my table, overheard. i.e. the waiter.

So I declare it now, whether anything ever comes of it. I, Tonya, AM writing a book, that may or may not be good, and may or may not ever be read by anyone other than me. 

Well, anyway, that was my 35th. Good times! I may be 35, but I still feel 25, and HOPEFULLY look 30?


Random Ramblings…

Taken from about 1996

In my quest to…put myself out there, or rather, HOW to put myself out there, I figured I needed to consult someone to help me. I need to rid my mind of the cobwebs and obstacles that seem to leave me paralyzed. I have read countless BLOGS on where to begin writing, I have written numerous papers on a range of topics, and still, I just find it hard to begin. I decided I needed to start at the beginning, so I consulted someone I know well, myself. That is, my 16 year-old journaling self. As embarrassing as it was to go back in time (because of course I knew EVERYTHING then), it was rather insightful…something I didn’t expect.

I have a ton of ideas in my mind at all times, but knowing where to start and how to start is stiffling. Do you start at the beginning? Do you skip the fluff and crap (or what you consider crap)? When I read my entries from 18 years ago, it reminded me of how “big” things were then. A breakup was truly heartbreaking, even though my 34 year-old self laughs, it was crushing then. A fight with my very best friend was the end of the world, and here I am 14 years later and I have completely lost touch with him, but look back on that relationship with great memories.

My mom allowed me to go through these emotions, and never made them seem insignificant. This is something that I take into my role as a mom with my young daughters. So, in my attempted to clear my head and hopefully find something meaningful to contribute, I decided to divulge some things I learned in looking back:

  1. I was an idiot at 16, 17, 18, 19….hell, I’ll probably look back at 34 when I’m 54 and think I’m an idiot (and if you deciphered any of that, you’re a genius!) –  Half the “drama” wasn’t even an nth of what I thought it was. Drama is much more significant in adult life, invited or not, it will find you and wreak havoc on your life and you will wish for the drama of high school.
  2. I was actually a pretty good writer. – I never appreciated how easily it came to me then, but I certainly do now.
  3. I completely forgot I wrote any poems…they weren’t fabulous, BUT hey, I wrote them! – Whether they were about love, or endings for some reason, they are still relevant in my life today. Who knew I was insightful?? (J/K)
  4. My intention in even ever journaling, as I put it, was to “remember everything.” – NOTEmuch of what I wrote, I have since forgotten, BUT rereading it did bring them back…mission accomplished!

So here it goes, lets see what else I have up my sleeve…