2014 TK Rapp Year in Review

2014 – the Year in Review

2014 has been an absolutely fantastic year! It truly seems to have gone past in a blur and as I sit here, I can’t help but wonder if I missed something. Some parts of it seem to have happened years ago, not just eleven short months ago.

My second book, Mine to Lose, came out and so January started with a bang. I had so much support and love from bloggers, authors and readers and before I knew it, I was working on book #2 in the Mine to Love Series, Mine to Steal. There is another story there – Jett’s – but it’s on the back burner for a little while.

Amidst the book releases, there were the book signings. In February, I attended my first as an author and shared a table with R.S. Grey and sat next to PEN-NNNNNAAAAAYYYY Reid. (I love yelling that at her!) It was a first for all three of us, and I was lucky enough to have dinner with Penny and her assistant, Angie, the night before the signing. I was terribly nervous about meeting her…what if she doesn’t like me? What if she thinks I’m weird? What if I have nothing cool to say? Okay, none of that mattered because we hit it off and I enjoyed her so much.

Then came the Houston Indie Mashup and again I shared a table with R.S. Grey who – by this time – hit the USA Today Best Seller list! I was so excited that I got to congratulate her in person. She, her Lance, my hubs, and a few other writers went out to dinner at a local restaurant. Gabby organized the get together and everyone had a great time. It was a long day filled with smiles, drinks, friends and hugs from Sunshine via Charity. (My Candybabies!)

It was at the Mashup that so much changed with I met Kathryn Falk….THE Kathryn Falk. We started chatting and exchanged phone numbers with plans to talk after the event. And we did. After a visit to her farm, I began working with her and 3 other amazing ladies on her Houston Readers and Writers Roundup – an event that is going to take place in Houston October of next year. (More on this later.)

The pinnacle of the signing year for me came when I attended Penned Con in St. Louis. I signed up for this event a year earlier and I was beyond scared. I mean, I was going to be at an event with the likes of Colleen Hoover, Jasinda Wilder, Abby Glines, Tara Sivec and so many more! Okay, yes, these names terrified me! But what intimidated me even more was meeting the people I had become close with over the last year and a half. People like my wifey, author of the Roam Series – Kimberly Stedronsky, Lisa Karafa of Penny for My Thoughts Book Blog, Word Play author Amalie Silver, Jenn Beach of B.O.M.B., Kahlen Aymes – author of The Remembrance Trilogy. But meeting them all in person felt as if I knew them for years and we hung out like we were old friends. Of course, I got to see PEN-NAAAAYYYY again and flew out with Angie…best flying partner! And I found new friends, too, like the lovely DL Kane, Susan Garwood of Wicked Women Book Blog, Lori Otto – author of the book that has me wrecked in the best possible way – The Emi Lost & Found Series, Simone Chavous – author of the Fate Series Books, Amy Jackson – editor fabuloso and so many more!! The icing on the cake was being joined by my best friend who promoted herself to my Midwest Selling something or another….it was a long title and it fit. 😉 LOL!

There are a few other writers that I got to meet when I attended a pre-signing party in Houston. Hanging out with Stacey Lynn was the HIGHLIGHT….finally getting to meet and hug this woman made me smile. It was here I got to hang with Stacey, her husband, my husband, Erin Noelle, KD Robichaux, Jessica Prince and then I got to meet Jay Crownover…how cool is that?!

This leads us to the fourth book I have coming out – Finding Laila. I started work on it and kept much of it under wraps until it was almost complete. This book is my baby, my heart and soul. I’m so proud of it and can’t wait to release it on January 13. I only hope others love it as much as I do. It’s my first YA novel and I have a feeling it won’t be my last. These characters are a part of me and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Looking ahead at 2015, there is so much I’m excited about:

~Finding Laila
~Book Release Party with Erin Noelle, Sierra Cartwright and KD Robichaux
~HRWR in October
~RT Book Convention in May

And hopefully meeting some of these people:

~Kelsie Leverich
~Claire C. Riley 
~Brittainy C. Cherry
~A. Meredith Walters
~Jean Haus
~Sarahbeth Caplin Stoneburner
~Kirsty-Anne Still

There’s more…I know there is…and I’m going to feel like a jerk for leaving them out. But trust me…I KNOW there is more. And I want to meet every-single-one!

Thank you so much for being a part of my 2014 and I hope you’ll stick around and be part of my 2015 as well. I want to be a part of yours. Happy New Year’s and I wish you so many wonderful things. ❤

Until next year 😉


Eric Asher ~ This Broken World

Vesik, Book 4 An ocean of darkness lives in the journal of Philip Pinkerton. Ancient things with no place in our world are rising from the Abyss. Ezekiel, the arrogant, mad god has called us into battle. Does he think we can’t touch him, or does he know we can’t? I wish I knew. The world’s only hope lies in a forgotten weapon, the strength of our allies, and one necromancer of questionable ancestry. Yeah, this is going to end well.
“When did you learn to
scale an incantation without a modifier?” the Old Man asked. His tone was full of humor.He wasn’t expecting an actual answer. He already knew the damned answer.
“I …” I stared at the frozen earth, speechless.
“You didn’t use a modifier, and yet you clearly used a minas art.”
I looked up at him with wide eyes. “I could have turned this entire field into an ice rink.”
“And yet, here we are.”
“Crazy old bastard,” Dell muttered as he stretched out on the rock again. “He could have killed us all.”
“Have you ever seen your master do that?” the Old Man asked.
“No,” I said. “You and Ezekiel and Edgar are the only people I’ve seen use non-verbal incantations.”
“You still spoke, but you internalized the modifier. Even that could be enough to give you an advantage in a close contest. And the sword.” He nodded at the blade.
I let it collapse in on itself and stared at the old hilt.
“Admittedly,” the Old Man said, “that is not likely to damage a demon to a significant degree. There are still times where a soulsword is your best bet. I would suggest using someone else’s soul for that.”
“That’s the path of a dark necromancer,” I said.
“That is the path of a man who survives.”

 Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

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Catch up on the rest of the series!!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1oGTj4Q

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iBooks: http://bit.ly/1ptXQln

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1vlP3qv 

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Penned Con 2014…

IMG_0174I’m still trying to recoup from St. Louis and Penned Con 2014. Were you there?

I have been raving over this event because Rick & Amy Miles really did a fantastic job with this event. The weekend raised just over $11,000 for Action for Autism and I have a feeling next year will be even more successful!

It was so awesome to meet fellow authors, readers and bloggers. Amazing! Okay, before I get all weird and stuff, here are some highlights for me:

  1. My best friend drove in to be my assistant, which is code for, “company!” She has given herself the title of, “Director of Sales, Midwest Division.” HA!!! I’m so glad that she was there with me. We visit each other every year, so this was our trip – and first girl’s only weekend!
  2. Goose! Come in Goose! YES!!! I finally – after a year of texting, talking and IMing – met THE Kimberly Stedronsky! I love her even more now and adore her sister! Kim was the first person to reach out to me when I published and we are huge fans of each other’s work. To hug her in person – dream come true! And if you haven’t read her Roam series, you need to, because this was the series that hooked me!
  3. Do you follow Penny for My Thoughts Book Blog? Okay, I do – because of Lisa Karafa. She has been one of my biggest champions and supporters since I published and to hug her and hang out in person was so wonderful!
  4. A year ago, I connected with a woman who would fast become a trusted friend and source for a swift kick in the ass when needed. That would be one – Amalie Silver! We chat daily and this summer I finally got to hear her lovely voice. But this weekend, totally got to hang out with her and her editor, Amy Jackson, who is so fun! Kari and I ran with these two and I never tired of it. Now just to figure out how to get her near me again. HAHA!
  5. Flight out – Free drinks! Am I right, Angie? Angie Hulsman – a.k.a. Penny Reid’s assistant – doesn’t live too far from me, so we made arrangements to fly out together. There was talk of turbulence, but we never noticed a thing. Our wonderful flight attendant comped our drinks, so we were good to go. Angie and I talked the entire 2 hour flight and I was so glad she was there.
  6. Kahlen Aymes!!! Again, another wonderful author that I have become friends with. She is business savvy, down to earth and super sweet! Oh, and I loved her table set up with “prescriptions” from Dr. Matthews!! 
  7. Colleen Hoover. I think this one speaks for itself because it’s Colleen Freakin’ Hoover! Again, if you haven’t met her, you’re missing out. I have to brag about her for a second because, in this industry – or any for that matter, there can be egos. People forget where they came from, some step on others to get to the next plot point or just don’t give a damn. NOT COLLEEN! This woman is such an inspiration, not only because of what she writes (because I’m a HUGE fan) but because of the way she handles her success. She is the kindest, funniest, smartest and most humble person. People could take notes on how to handle success by looking at Colleen. She makes time for people, loves her fans and never acts like she’s something she’s not. Meet this woman – it is a requirement!
  8. Penny Reid, as always, is so much fun to see. If you haven’t met her yet, you need to get on that. I’m not sure how to describe her, but I know whatever complimentary thing I say, she’ll blow me off and call me crazy – because that’s how she rolls.
  9. Lori Otto – OMG, she is so cute and sweet! She has fantastic fans and watching them surround her and hang with her, she was adorable. I don’t know if she realizes how great she is, but what sticks out to me is how humble and grounded she is. I want to figure out a way to be around her again. (Oh!! And her swag is seriously some of the best I have ever seen!)
  10. Jenn Beach – another blogger I connected with a year ago through Lisa. (See how that works?) Jenn surprised the hell out of me because for over a year, I’ve heard how shy and introverted she is, but not this weekend. She was engaging, chatty, and all over the place. It was so great to see that side of her in person, because I see it online all the time!
  11. GREAT Keynote speakers and panels! Jasinda Wilder opened the weekend up with an inspiring and honest account of her career. She and her husband are so cute together and I took much away from her talk. Mark Coker had some insight into the self-publishing world that was great. I really wish they had closed the signing room during his talk so that more authors could hear him – invaluable information.
  12. The First Annual Penned Con Awards! Set up Oscar-style. There were trophies, envelopes and acceptance speeches that had everyone laughing. Whether you were in jeans (like me) or opting for a formal gown (yes, this is true) it was a great time! Oh and the finished it off with cupcakes! Yes, please!!! 

I know there is so much more I could cover, but I don’t know where to go from here. This was a fabulous signing and I can’t wait for next year. If you missed this one, tickets are on sale for next year and it benefits a great cause!!!

Until next time, here are some pic from the weekend and you can check out the rest on my Facebook page.

XO ❤



Alright, so it’s Wednesday. How has your week been good so far???

Mine has been pretty good, and while I’m waiting to hear back from my betas about Mine to Steal, I’ve been busy plotting out the next book that I’ve been working on. This one came to me a while back and I’ve been sitting on it, despite it’s incessant poking at me while I work on other things.

It has a title!

It has a cover!

It even has a synopsis!

BUT….here’s the kicker….this one is being kept close to the vest until I’ve completed it. I’m scared to write it. I’m nervous about what people will think. However, I think I’m more scared of what I will think.

So, in the meantime, when I blog, I will focus on sharing Mine to Steal teasers and information. And if I can get someone who is willing to let me interview them soon, I will share another Author Spotlight. I miss those….but everyone has been so busy, they haven’t had time to take me up on the offer. (Soon…very soon.)

And just to let you know, Being There, my first novel, is on sale right now on Amazon for $.99! The sale is limited, so be sure to get your copy soon and please please PLEASE be sure to leave a review. If you love a story, the best compliment you can pay the author is a review!



I suppose that is all I have for now. Aren’t you glad you checked it out??? LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by this week and hope the rest of your week kicks ass!!


Alive – Pearl Jam….it’s blasting through my house right now and I love it!

Spin the Bottle…

Wow…I’ve gotten really lazy about posts in the last few weeks. I know I have things to catch up on, but where to start…

It’s LIVE!!!!

Mine to Lose - eBook Cover

Mine to Lose – eBook Cover

Did I mention that my second book, Mine to Lose is LIVE!? I think I did, but what the heck, I’ll say it again. 😉 It’s been such an awesome thing to hear back from people who share their thoughts about the book. I’m so not done with these characters…well, one of them. 😉

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, it’s available at these links:

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble



EVENTS! There are several signings that I will be doing this year, and into next. I’m pretty excited:

  • February 22, 2014 – I will be at the Houston Author Bash! My friend, R.S. Grey, and I will be sharing a table. If you have time and want to stop by, come say hello! We’d love to see you!!
  • August 15-16, 2014 – Houston Indie Mashup. More details to come!
  • September 12, 2014 – PENNED CON in St. Louis! OMG, this one is pretty big, and I’m terribly nervous. I’m going to have to bring books for people to sign for me, because some of my absolute favorites will be there.
  • May 1-2, 2015 – Yep…a year out, I will be in Tulsa, OK for the Hard Rock Author Event. This one was just announced yesterday and it’s pretty exciting. So many names, and at a casino….count me in!

On another note, if you read a book, whether it’s mine or someone else’s, and you enjoy it, please take a minute to leave a rating and/or a review. The indie community relies on readers to help spread the word, so be sure to share your thoughts about your favorites with others. 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you and chatting sometime! Have a great weekend, stay well, stay warm and have fun!!


😎 Spin the Bottle by The Juliana Hatfield Three. For no reason at all, it’s just on and I like it! 🙂

With A Little Help From My Friends…

Writing has been a terrifying and exciting experience. Fulfilling a lifelong dream is amazing, and scratching a line through that bucket list item is pretty damn cool.

But, as the title of this post suggests, I couldn’t do it without my friends. Hell, I couldn’t do the day-to-day without my friends or family. I think we all have at least one person we can lean on, who will be there for us and kick our butts in gear when we need it. There are people I know well, who do that for me, and there are those I’ve met since publishing who have become fast confidantes for me.

Here is what I know about the writing community:

  • Authors – These are some of the most amazing and supportive people you can meet. Yes, like any place, there might be a bad seed here and there, but for the most part, these people are encouraging and share your highs and lows. They make me feel normal, or as normal as I care to feel 😉 There are so many amazing books that come out daily. I can’t keep up, and my TBR list continues to grow. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I feel out of my league, and am in constant awe of the people I’m “friends” with, because I’m a huge fan! Some of the most well-known authors are the most down-to-earth people out there. 
  • Bloggers – OH MY DAMN! What can I say about the bloggers I have become friends with? I’ll throw some adjectives out there: CRAZY, FUNNY, AMAZING, EXCITING, GIVING, KIND, SELFLESS, FRIEND. And those are what come to mind off the top of my head. They pimp, promote and do anything and everything for the writers they love. I have so much love for these ladies, because they are simple: AWESOME.
  • Fans – That word makes me feel weird. I don’t have “fans” I have friends. I’m still a relative unknown, and I’m totally cool with that. When someone messages, reviews or emails me to tell me that they enjoyed my book, I can’t help but feel two things: Blessed and Embarrassed. Blessed, because I know they didn’t have to take the time to contact me, and I appreciate the encouragement so much. Embarrassed, because I’m me, and compliments catch me off guard. I love the readers that have reached out to me, because they are passionate about the things that they love.

It should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: Be Kind. Be thankful for what you have, and for those in your life who are there for you. You never know when things may change, and you don’t want to take that for granted. We all know there are two types of family, the one your born into, and the one you make. I have to admit, I’m grateful for them in all forms. 

So here is a thank you:
-Thank you to the authors who have become my friends and share the same fears and joys I do. I’m thankful for the BadAsses in my life!
-Thank you to the bloggers who do so much, and ask for so little in return. Yes, you. I’m looking right at you, because you are amazing!
-Thank you to the fan/friends who make me smile and laugh, daily. (And blush a little, too)
-Thank you to my “IRL” friends who know me, in and out, and still love me. Thank you for accepting me as I am. I love you, too! (You know who you are.) I hope I’m as good to you as you are to me. 😉
-Thank you to my family, the Tenacious 10, who are my safe place; my normal. We have each other’s back and provide the best shoulders. I would be lost without you because it’s what we do, take care of each other. I love you with all my heart! 🙂


😎 With A Little Help From My Friends.The Beatles, of course! This is actually a ringtone on my phone for my friends. LoL!

Tuesday Teaser – Mine to Lose #1

Mine to Lose

Mine to Lose story and teasers Copyright 2013. T.K. Rapp. All Rights Reserved.
Mine to Lose Dream Cast

Mine to Lose Dream Cast

I’m so angry, that my typically modest attire won’t suffice. I hurry to my closet and search for the skimpiest dress in my possession. When I find it, it’s pushed so far in the back that, if I blow on it, dust might actually fly off. I change out of comfy cloths and slip into the sexy purple off the shoulder dress that I haven’t worn since college. It was one of Ryan’s favorites, maybe someone else will like it, too.

I’m looking for trouble.

I look down at my hand and eye the ring, a promise that Ryan made to me. The hurt I feel is greater than my desire to wear something that I’m not sure represents the original promise. The ring has taken up residence on my finger for over a year, so when I take it off, the while line shows the remnants of what once was. There’s a light knock at the door that startles me out of my ring-induced trance, so I finish touching up my makeup before answering. 

I was expecting Joss, so seeing Ryan standing in the threshold surprises me. The look on his face goes from neutral to shock-filled in less than a second, and I beam inside, knowing that he might be pissed.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, annoyed.

“I thought we could talk,” confusion laces his tone.

“I think you said everything you needed to say in your note,” I bite out. “Besides, you told me to call when I’m ready, and well- I’m not ready. In fact, I have plans.” Before I can elaborate, Joss walks in and sees the two of us in a standoff and tries to back away.

“Hey, Joss,” I call to her, from around Ryan in a chipper tone, “I’ll be ready in five.” She nods her head, but looks as though she might not be around in five minutes because she plans to bolt.