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Hey! Happy New Year!!! (Late...I know) I hope that you're 2016 is going well. ❤ For me, 2015 ended amazingly and 2016 has already started with a bang. I've been busy working on 2 stories, and while both are speaking to me, I'm going to try to focus all my attention on one. (I go crazy… Continue reading Fumbled…

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Author Spotlight ~ Lia Fairchild

I had to do a count because I wasn't sure how many author spotlights I've done since the first one last September. 22 Twenty-two interviews with bloggers (2) and authors (20) and this week, I add number 23 to the roster! Ms. Lia Fairchild! I'm really excited to spotlight this woman because - as so… Continue reading Author Spotlight ~ Lia Fairchild